Surviving Deployment: The Liberato Lifestyle

 Megan from The Liberato Lifestyle is the Surviving Deployment feature this week!

tell us a little about yourself:
I'm Megan. I'm a 23 year old Army Wife/student just living life and waiting for husband to get home from deployment. Right now, we are stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii and I absolutely love it. Without this deployment hanging around, my life would be paradise.

what is your relationship status? 
Husband and I have been married for about a year and a half. The majority of that time was spent apart but I wouldn't change anything about our lives together. I love being married to my best friend, even if he drives me insane a good portion of the time!

do you have kiddos?
We don't have kids yet. Husband wanted to try to get pregnant before he left for this deployment but I nipped that idea in the bud pretty quickly! No way would I volunteer to go through a pregnancy without him! After Husband comes home and I finish with the little bit of school I have left, I'll be ready to take on parenting. 

what branch of service is your spouse/significant other?
husband has been in the Army for about 4 years now

what is your duty station?

Paradise, aka Schofield Barracks, HI. Having lived in Arizona my whole life, I'm just really glad it's not somewhere cold! 

how long is this current deployment?
It's a year long deployment. It's more than half way over though! I so wish I could tell everyone how soon Husband will be here but I know how important OPSEC is so I'll keep it to myself.

how often are you guys able to communicate?
It really depends. Sometimes I will talk to him three days in a row and then I won't hear from him again for a week or so. Sadly, his internet connection is terrible and we haven't been able to Skype once. I'll gladly take whatever I can get though.   

what kind of support have you found during this deployment? 
My Mom has been amazing! We've always been very close and having her during this deployment has been such a blessing. My best friend is an Air Force fiance so she can relate to my deployment mood swings and my Milspouse bloggy buddies are the best!  

does your family support your spouse/significant others' choice to serve?
My family loves my husband. We have a joke that my Mom loves him more than she loves me! I think she brags about him as much as I do!

what have you found that helps you cope best with the stress of deployment?
Shoe shopping! Ok, that's only happened a few times. I kept a deployment journal for the first part of the deployment and I found that helped a lot. Establishing a routine was essential for keeping my sanity though. It has helped time pass so much more quickly! 

I can't wait until your husband comes home to you, Megan! Thanks so much for being part of Surviving Deployment. Isn't it nice to know we aren't alone? Keep your head up and continue buying more shoes :)

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happy day

Okay so I went into today with a positive outlook
and even though my day has ended with a very anticipated,
but dropped Skype call
I will continue to dwell on the positive from my day.
You can't ruin my good day deployment
keep your stupid happy hoarding to yourself
I'm really not interested in
letting you steal more of my happiness.

where was I?
Oh yes,
my happy day.

It was finally Spring time today
the forecast is 70's for this entire week.
I really needed some sun,
rain puts me in this
"its cold so I need to cuddle" mood
that I shouldn't necessarily be in right now.
Needless to say
I'm stoked for blue skies and sun!

I turned in the paper that made me stare at this 
for the last 4 days

I also received a 92% on my English midterm
score for the Mrs!
don't be fooled into thinking I'm
always this collegiate..
 I arrived home from school around 3:15 with
just enough time to relax on the couch and watch
Rachael Ray before work at 4:15.
After I finished my lunch
I went over to my backpack
to pull out my laptop

 only to find out my computer was not in my backpack
where it should have been

[insert: absolute state of panic]

I raced out to my car hoping my laptop
had somehow jumped out of my backpack
and landed on the seat right next to me
safe and sound where it belongs. 
Not so my friends. 

A quick run down of my thought process for you:

I work in one hour 
If I leave now, at 3:40 I will be to school by 4:10 
and I have to inconvenience work.
If I wait and go once work is over 
my computer is stolen for sure.
What if it's already stolen?
What if the thief already hacked into my accounts?
What if he signs into my bank account
and steals all my money?
Okay I'm getting side tracked,
I choose...
inconvenience work.

Back to real time,

I call the school lost and found to see if any computers had been turned in.
The receptionist informed me they hadn't seen a single computer all day.
But she was nice enough to tell me I could go online and
fill out a lost and found form.

With the computer that I don't have...right? 

Brilliant idea lady.
I suppose I'm not the only one lacking in collegiate skills today.
Following an unsuccessful phone call,
I jumped in my car after of course calling work and informing
them of my dyer need to save my computer from
all the potential computer thieves on campus.
They sympathized and wished me luck.
Jesus opened up the freeway
for me this evening, because there was not
one single traffic jam in the 4 o'clock hour,
and that's nearly unheard of here.
So I got to school, parked and started running
oh yes
I ran, but the embarassment of running
on campus would not be complete
without seeing someone
you know in passing,
while completely out of breath
So yada yada...
I managed to make it to the classroom where I left my computer
approximately 1 hr and 30 mins
after I had initially left the classroom
to find my computer
propped up next to my desk
right where I had left it.
Truly one of the happiest things I have ever experienced.
I thought we were going to be out $1000 for a new computer,
our accounts would be hacked,
I wouldn't be able to write that paper that's due tomorrow.
Oh the scenarios were endless.
But all is well and good in the world again.

In my defense,
I have deployment brain
and can't be held responsible for
it's lack of function.

Never the less
it was truly a happy day


Here's where I've been
in my 20-something years of life.
I was really hoping to surprise
myself and have half this thing filled up
but that wasn't the case

I became quite close with I-40 on
 my cross country road trip, if you couldn't tell!

And even closer with love for my home state 
after living on the East Coast for two months.
California is the place for me
for good

However, I suppose I should do a bit more traveling,
especially after reading the list of states
and realizing I forgot about places like 
the Dakotas and Iowa.
What goes on in those states anyway? 
I feel like they get left out.
 Alas, I'm here as an advocate
for the golden state.
I mean we all surf an stuff
who wouldn't want to live here?
 West Coast represent
now put your hands up...
come on people,
Katy Perry?


i miss him 

grandma shirley

tonight i had dinner with my favorite little lady,
my grandma shirley.
we talked about movies, food, boys
and she gave me advice on how to deal with 
some negative feelings i've been harboring.
 grandmas are the absolute best,
and i treasure all of the time we spend together.
she's the cutest little lady and
always tells me how much these little nights
mean to her.
tonight she had a table set for two,
just me and her.
i can picture her so excited setting
the table with pink napkins
waiting for her oldest grand daughter to
come over and spend 
the evening with her

when i commented on her daffodils 
she was quick to mention the 100 bulbs
that were planted in pots on her patio
and went out side with scissors 
to cut me a lovely bouquet
of my own. 

i love my grandma

inspiring story

Your life can change so drastically in any second and it's truly amazing when God uses someone elses' story to show me just how truly grateful I should be living in my here and now.

read this amazing birth story here
you won't regret it.

awkward happenings

this post will most likely bore you.
there's probably no point in posting it,
as you will soon see
but it's always nice to remember
awkward things isn't it?
here goes...


1. waiting in line at chipotle, and saying sorry like 5x when they assume i want things in my burrito bowl that i actually don't..and after paying for my food the man next to me says
"wow i'm surprised you didn't say sorry for paying" and once i received my drink says
"you didn't say sorry, you just said thanks, that's great!" jeez sir, SORRY i'm polite!

2. a random man asking me if i wear contacts and when i reply yes he says
oh wow good, cuz your eyes are trippy.
ummm thanks?? (they're normal, and brown.. for the record)

3. running into our neighbors who have really loud, inappropriate sex..
and them accidentally seeing my glare of disgust..oops

4. interrupting my roommate and her boyfriend as they have date nights and cuddle on the couch...
"sorry guys.. just gettin a midnight snack.. carry on, please.."

5. texting my boss instead of my brother

in other news

i bought new book ends today..

seriously cute way to keep organized, i think.

see, i told you this would be boring
and now you also probably think i have weird eyes.
i promise i dont.

afternoon walk

the storms have continued here in California,
thunder and hail pelted us around 3pm 
and by 5pm it was sunny and beautifully crisp outside
so i went on a walk with my in hand, of course.
you never know what beautiful things Jesus will place in your path.
today was no exception .

all images © Chestnut Tree Photography

thank you Jesus for the beautiful, calm & crisp air after the storm today.
thank you for this precious child that reminded me how fun playing with sticks can be.
thank you for the ducks, seeing this little girl's excitement over them really made my day.
thank you for the amazing views you gave me at sunset on the river.
thank you for my awesome roommate who brought me outdoors when i tried being a hermit.
thank you for your promise to never leave me.
thank you for feeding the flowers with rain so i can see them bloom someday soon.
thank you for my husband and family who constantly encourage me.
thank you for a sweet email from a friend today, she didn't know, but you knew i needed it.
thank you for loving me despite my negative attitude most days.
thank you for showing me your power through the thunder storm today.

Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

caught my fancy

 all of these pictures caught my fancy
and inspired me for future photos.
 each is so lovely in its own perfect way.
i especially love the colors.

i love His promise.

a basket full of books
what a nice day!

a suitcase full of some classics and some new,
what an even nicer day

so much fun

that ring...


can i go here?
awesome, thanks.

just love love this!

'tis true.
no one is like YOU.
you can thank Jesus for that

all images via


another rainy day.
i slept til noon,
who does that unless you're 17?
it's the rainy days that
i don't want to leave the house.
they're my excuse days to stay in
and let the world pass by.
i can stay in my pajamas all day
and nobody will know.
i'm going to a wedding tonight.
it'll be amazing to see the beginning of a new love,
but i fear i will miss my own love
in such an excruciating way.
the trickle of the rain
 makes me long for my love.
 i don't feel strong, and yet i'm told i am
by so many.
sometimes i don't want to hear it though
because i'd rather be weak and
let the truth show through.
i see the pictures on my walls
and try to bring myself back to those times
the giggles
the kisses
looking into his eyes
i wish so badly for that right now.
i feel terrible complaining
as so many people have forever lost
loved ones in Japan.
my pain is fleeting,
but there's will last a lifetime.
i know it's selfish and not the end of the world
but it still hurts
and it's still my here and now.
i suppose i should make myself a happy list.
things i'm grateful for
reasons to love and live.
i should go in detail because
the details make up some of the most
beautiful memories of things i love.
delicious food
beautiful pictures
sunny days
beautiful scriptures
a good book
and i will.
at some point.
just not today.
i need the sun to shine
i'm tired of this rain day after day.
how depressing is this,
i really am a happy person
but the dreary gray skies just aren't
my cup of tea.
just a glimpse of sun, please
i'm tired of rain.

DIY baby shower

This past weekend I hosted a baby shower
for one of my best friends.
She's due in April and I'm seriously so excited.
I was the first friend to get married
and this will be the first friend to have a baby.
Here's a few pictures from the day.
I kept the cost of the shower at almost $100
by using things I already had lying around my apartment.
 There were also some DIY's, thrifting purchases, and dollar store finds
  to help with the budget!
[enlarge the pictures to get a better idea of the details]

The "table cloth" is just a piece of fabric
I purchased for $5 at a fabric store.

I wrapped hemp around the top of each mason jar, 
some I found at a thrift store and
then I purchased a 15 pack at our local grocery store for $12..
simple and my new favorite vases!

I made this banner with a Cricut, the best investment you'll ever make
if you enjoy crafting and scrapbooking! I used paper that I already had
and the hemp I've had for years. Total cost of banner: $0

Extra decor around the house and colorful food.
gumballs were from the dollar tree, pitcher from the thrift store, $2 I think
and baby blocks were $12 for a HUGE bag full that I can use
for future maternity photo shoots!

 I used a TV tray as a small table for one of the games.
The pen holder is just an old yankee candle that I rinsed out,
works perfect as a vase too!

Well I hope I gave some of you fun ideas for future parties
or just decor around the house. I have a lot of this stuff up in my
house still because it's all so cute and great for springtime!

the best advice

Sometimes I have really good days and
sometimes I have really bad days.
Two days ago was a really bad day.
Not for any real reason in particular, 
I just had a pitty party
because it felt like everyone around
me had someone special 
to cuddle with and love on
in front of me
In most cases I try to keep
 pitty parties to myself
because they are frequent as of late
 Mr doesn't need to
hear my whining and complaining because
He has bigger things to worry about
and I don't want to add stress to what he's already going through.
Make sense?
But this particular day I was whiney to him.
I just wanted to hear that it was 
okay for me to not like other couples very much
and be anti-social and whine, moan, groan and
complain that I don't get my love
here to cuddle with so nobody else should either.
A little selfish? Yes.
But sometimes I'm not the most
selfless person in the world.
But instead of being annoyed with my whiney self.
Mr decided to make me  smile and laugh.
   He gave me some advice for when I see
other couples loving each other and being
annoyingly cute.
In his words:
"You have two options.
You can either throw water balloons at them
(but only if they make you cry)
or think of us cuddling when I get home"
you have been warned.
Unless you want to walk around sopping wet
keep the cuddling to a minimum around me,
I got permission from Mr so
I can't be held responsible for my actions

Surviving Deployment: The longer the waiting, The sweeter the kiss

I have decided to feature 
someone who is going through a deployment
each week here on my blog.
I hope that through this 
we can all learn a little more about each other
and hopefully encourage one another 
as we endure such a hard time
in our relationships. 
This week's feature is the sweet and lovely
Jeanna from The longer the waiting, The sweeter the kiss.
Her love is currently overseas serving our country. 
Here's a little about her story
and how she's dealing with deployment! 
 aren't they just the cutest? :)
Tell us a little about yourself:
I'm 20. I'm a full time college student. I work at The Y and I LOVE it! I live in Georgia and wouldn't have it any other way :) I'm completely in love with my fiance, Cliff and we are very much looking forward to this year long deployment's end!! 

What is your relationship status? 
Happily engaged to my fiance, Cliff! We'll be officially tying the knot October 22, 2011 :o)  

Do you have kiddos? If so, how has the transition to "single parenting" affected you? 
No babies, least for not a couple more years! But we do have one fur baby named Kiera and the single parenting is going well, but she misses her dad :) 

What branch of service is your spouse/significant other?
He is in the Army National Guard..Hooah!

What is your duty station?
His unit is out of Graniteville, SC... but the cool thing about National Guard is you're basically a civilian during the week and drill about one weekend a month. Kind of the best of both worlds :) So he gets to live at real duty station! 

How long is this current deployment?
He has orders for 13 months and we are praying for only 11! 

How often are you guys able to communicate?
We have been really lucky and have usually been able to talk once a day if not more. In the beginning it was really hard because I would go a week or two without hearing from him. They finally got internet and ever since then it has been pretty good! I really can't complain. Skype is wonderful :) 

What kind of support (group) have you found during this deployment?
(other milspouses/blogging/family)
Even though other people have warned me not to get involved with the FRG, I have found that it has been AMAZING! We meet once a month and I have met some really great people! No matter where you go, there will be people you don't get along with, but if you go into i with an open mind it's really not bad at all. We put on a lot of fundraisers to benefit a homecoming party for the guys and girls when they come home and it has been going wonderful! I love being apart of something that's helping the soldiers, because they do so much for us. Also, blogging has been wonderful and I have 'met' so many great women who have beautiful blogs! I love reading about real love and that to me is the love between a girl and her soldier...because as we all know it's not easy by any means....but WELL worth it :) 

Does your family support your spouse/significant others' choice to serve?
When I met and started dating Cliff he was already in the service, so it has never been any different to them. And my whole family is very proud of him :) Who wouldn't support someone wanting to serve their country? It is the most selfless act someone can do. 
What have you found that helps you cope best with the stress of deployment?
Blogging has been great, but the thing that really helps is setting small things to look forward to. A party with friends in a month, a concert in 2 months...that way, when the event you have been looking forward to comes, it has already been months down and you don't even realize it! Also, I read somewhere to count weeks, not days. Have a set day every week that you can cross off the calendar such as garbage day. 52 is a much smaller number than 365! It has really helped so much and I can honestly say that this year has gone by so fast for me. I am SO thankful for that!
I'm really having so much fun with this and I have been so 
encouraged to meet other girls going through
the same emotions I have been dealing with.
I hope you all have been just as encouraged as I have!
Thanks so much, Jeanna for letting us all see a little deeper
into how this deployment is affecting you and your fiance,
I really enjoyed reading your answers and
I can't wait until your love comes home 
so you two can get married! :)
Don't forget to check out Jeanna's blog
and encourage her through this deployment!
If you're currently surviving deployment
grab this button and let us know so we can encourage
you too!  

if you're surviving deployment
and want to be featured here
please email me : 

10 on 10: March

1 picture..every hour..for 10 hours..
on the 10th day of each month 

driving to school

pretty building at school

springtime blossoms

green drinks


parked bikes

twice baked potatoes for dinner

my daddy's 52nd birthday
(happy birthday pops)

tri-tip for the birthday boy

trying to find the right color

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