Jeff watches the Bachelorette (v.1)

Every Monday night my friend Nicole and I have a girl's night and watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Be it that his friends are busy, or just pure unlucky-ness...every now and again Jeff will get stuck watching it with us.

The comments made during last night's episode of Bachelorette were just TOO good not to document. So I give you the first installment of "Jeff Watches the Bachelorette."

Me: Did you see Arie's tweet last night about the awkward two-on-one?
Nicole: No I can't wait though
Jeff: Arie's on this sea....crap. 
Me and Nicole: What?
Jeff: I know who Arie is, and that sucks.

One of the guys hanging out with Des
me: I like him! He's goofy!
Jeff: why? He's Guido

Group Date
Nicole L: They all have sweatshirts from Target...WHY are they all wearing sweatshirts from Target?

Des said it was her first time in Europe and she was so excited about it
Jeff: First time in Europe? LIAR! She just went there with Sean last season!

When Chris finds out he gets the one-on-one and gets super excited about it
Jeff: He's such a girl!
Me: I think it's cute he's so excited to have a date with Des
Jeff: You don't like menly men do you Des? He won't take care of your family and chop down a tree to make a fire and keep you warm! He'll probably bake you a loaf of bread and butter it and you'll have to make the fire to cook it on yourself!

Bryden watching Des and Chris Dance around
Jeff: Creeper. WHY is he so creepy?

Des takes a picture by a little clown
Jeff: Oh, he's a midget! 

Des walks out in a sparkly dress
Me and Nicole: she looks so gorgeous in that dress! I love the sparkles
Jeff: I hate it. There's way too many sparkles.
Nicole: But don't you think she looks pretty in it?
Jeff: Only if she didn't touch me, I don't want sparkles all over me!
[She gives Chris a hug]
Jeff: Sparkles, all over him.

Jeff: This show is what's wrong with men. 

Des going up the gondola in foggy mountains
Des: It's like we're in a cloud!
Jeff: Well, you ARE in a cloud...

Zak waiting for one-on-one time with Des behind her and James
Jeff: WHY why are they all so creepy. 

Each of the guys is singing with a yodeler
Des: I just love how these guys are so open to trying new things!
Jeff: NO they're forced

Jeff fasts forward through commercials "There's still an HOUR left?" ten minutes later he's asleep on the ground. 

+ Love that silly boy of mine :)  

choosing joy and lemonade

Sometimes life throws you lemons and you want to forget the whole making lemonade shenanigan and throw them right back to the lemon tree who decided it would be fun to launch hard, bright yellow things at you. Not nice lemon tree, I don't really want your sour lemons.

All that to say, these last two weeks have been a little brutal, and by a little...I mean a lot brutal and really lemon-y. But I've come to a place of acceptance because life could be worse and at the end of it all, the important things in life still exist. Like, succulents still make me happy, my dog still thinks I'm the greatest thing on Earth, I learned a really cool way to propagate succulents here, and Pretty Little Liars has 3 seasons on Netflix. So basically all is right in the world and I'm camping out in the land of  "choosing joy," and maybe drinking a glass of lemonade or two.


Please tell me happy things from your life!

Lake Tahoe

Pretty much every year my family takes a trip to either Lake Tahoe or Santa Cruz. I'm more of a beach person so Santa Cruz is my haven...but we have a pretty amazing family cabin in Tahoe that I can't complain about so I'm just as happy going there. We're going there SOON and I can hardly stand it. Time off from work and life is exactly what the doc ordered. And by doc, I mean me ;)

That's a picture of our private beach that we get to hang out on, there's also a community pool area with ping pong and lots of other outdoor games...I seriously can't wait. To see pics from our vaca here last year check out these posts!


Just for fun, here's some pictures from past family vacations we've enjoyed.

 [Squaw Valley 2012]

 [Mexico 09]

 [Mexico 09]

[Santa Cruz 08]

life lately

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of second shooting with one of my good friends Samantha Jovan Photography. We got to shoot at this GORGEOUS location and the pictures turned out amazing.

Front view of our wedding day playground. Flowers from a wonderful friend, for my birthday :)

Tiffany's earrings from my hubby for my birthday. He's a keeper. I love them and wear them every day!

One of the MOST thoughtful gifts I've ever been given. Each item in here had purpose and I just can't believe how much thought and love was put into this little package :) I am beyond blessed with cool people in my life.

Newest obsession thanks to my MIL. I really can't get enough. Late night chick flick. Safe Haven is not for the faint of heart though, I'll admit I had my share of sweaty palms. I'm a wuss.

The gallery wall is coming together slowly but surely. I haven't forgot about Pt.'s in the making :)

another year older

Today, I turn twenty-five. 

At the ripe age of two-five... I'm happy. I live in a cute, comfortable apartment with my hubby and our sweet Turby. I'm on the brink of full-time photographer and by brink I mean I'm hopeful. I have fantastic friends in my life, both near and far away from me. I'm an auntie to three of the cutest kids I know. I've seen my extended family more lately and I heart that. I'm obsessed with succulents and all things plants. I became a member of our church this year and feel like I've finally found where I'm supposed to be, I heart you B-Way. Jeff is still in the Army and so happened to have drill this weekend, making it the third year [with the exception of last year] that we've been apart for my birthday, but we are so blessed by a lot that has come from the Army. I work at Starbucks and enjoy my free coffee. I listen to a lot of Rend Collective Experiment,  Hillsong, Mumford & Sons, and Ingrid Michaelson. I'm reading the fourth Harry Potter book and LA Candy, because I'd like to hang on to my youth. I'm fully in love with my Jesus like always. 

Twenty-five looks good to me.