happy day

Okay so I went into today with a positive outlook
and even though my day has ended with a very anticipated,
but dropped Skype call
I will continue to dwell on the positive from my day.
You can't ruin my good day deployment
keep your stupid happy hoarding to yourself
I'm really not interested in
letting you steal more of my happiness.

where was I?
Oh yes,
my happy day.

It was finally Spring time today
the forecast is 70's for this entire week.
I really needed some sun,
rain puts me in this
"its cold so I need to cuddle" mood
that I shouldn't necessarily be in right now.
Needless to say
I'm stoked for blue skies and sun!

I turned in the paper that made me stare at this 
for the last 4 days

I also received a 92% on my English midterm
score for the Mrs!
don't be fooled into thinking I'm
always this collegiate..
 I arrived home from school around 3:15 with
just enough time to relax on the couch and watch
Rachael Ray before work at 4:15.
After I finished my lunch
I went over to my backpack
to pull out my laptop

 only to find out my computer was not in my backpack
where it should have been

[insert: absolute state of panic]

I raced out to my car hoping my laptop
had somehow jumped out of my backpack
and landed on the seat right next to me
safe and sound where it belongs. 
Not so my friends. 

A quick run down of my thought process for you:

I work in one hour 
If I leave now, at 3:40 I will be to school by 4:10 
and I have to inconvenience work.
If I wait and go once work is over 
my computer is stolen for sure.
What if it's already stolen?
What if the thief already hacked into my accounts?
What if he signs into my bank account
and steals all my money?
Okay I'm getting side tracked,
I choose...
inconvenience work.

Back to real time,

I call the school lost and found to see if any computers had been turned in.
The receptionist informed me they hadn't seen a single computer all day.
But she was nice enough to tell me I could go online and
fill out a lost and found form.

With the computer that I don't have...right? 

Brilliant idea lady.
I suppose I'm not the only one lacking in collegiate skills today.
Following an unsuccessful phone call,
I jumped in my car after of course calling work and informing
them of my dyer need to save my computer from
all the potential computer thieves on campus.
They sympathized and wished me luck.
Jesus opened up the freeway
for me this evening, because there was not
one single traffic jam in the 4 o'clock hour,
and that's nearly unheard of here.
So I got to school, parked and started running
oh yes
I ran, but the embarassment of running
on campus would not be complete
without seeing someone
you know in passing,
while completely out of breath
So yada yada...
I managed to make it to the classroom where I left my computer
approximately 1 hr and 30 mins
after I had initially left the classroom
to find my computer
propped up next to my desk
right where I had left it.
Truly one of the happiest things I have ever experienced.
I thought we were going to be out $1000 for a new computer,
our accounts would be hacked,
I wouldn't be able to write that paper that's due tomorrow.
Oh the scenarios were endless.
But all is well and good in the world again.

In my defense,
I have deployment brain
and can't be held responsible for
it's lack of function.

Never the less
it was truly a happy day


  1. When husbands aren't home, for some reason, our brains spasm. As always, count it all joy! :)

  2. im so glad you were able to find your computer!
    :) unfortunatly i cant blame deployment brain for all the silly things i do, im just ditzy!
    hope your happy day continues today :)
    best wishes from england,
    kirstieJayy x

  3. aww so glad you found your computer! I would have been freaking out!! :) I hope you have a great day!

  4. Wow so glad you found your computer!

  5. I feel like school always suffers during deployments. So glad you found your computer!

  6. Glad you found you're computer!

    Deployment brain is horrible.

  7. Sooooo glad you found your computer! I had that happen to me a few weeks ago with my iphone. Left it in a cab and they held onto it for me. YAY for no thieves!! Glad you're not discouraged about your Skype call being dropped! I love your outlook on things!! Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  8. praise God you found your computer!

    i hope you have more blue skies and sunshine and more happy days the rest of the week <3

  9. SO happy you have your computer back!

    My ex-laptop died the day before I had a paper due (I spilled tea on it)...so I definitely know the panicky feeling. It's awful. Magically, my tea drenched computer reincarnated itself long enough for me to write my essay, but I still had to buy a new one (way to go, Jillian). It's amazing that so many occurrences worked together in your favor! what relief.

  10. Can I just first tell you that I'm so grateful for, and feel indebted to, women like you who let their husbands serve for months on end to keep our country safe. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart <3 I hope you see him soon!!

    And next, thank goodness you got your computer back!! I loved that the freeways were clear for you, and isn't it great when you're reassured that people do have good consciouses --> no on took your laptop :) What a relief! And yay for sunny days!!

  11. whew! that is a truly happy moment! knowing it was safe all along:) so glad it was safe! and i love the blue skies and sun too.

  12. That is crazy!! I would have been freaking out too...losing a lap top is no joke! I'm so glad you were able to find it. :) Anyways, thanks for following my blog, I'm now following you too and I'm looking forward to reading more! :) Have a great day!

  13. So happy you get to have warm, sunny spring weather!
    And I'm even happier that your computer was not stolen! Ah that would've been awful!!

  14. i'm so glad that you had a happy ending! it really is the best feeling to know that you *don't* have to pay $1000 to replace your absolutely essential computer, ipod, whatever....i've sadly done that to myself many times. great job on your english paper too! sounds like it was a week of unexpected wins :)