the best advice

Sometimes I have really good days and
sometimes I have really bad days.
Two days ago was a really bad day.
Not for any real reason in particular, 
I just had a pitty party
because it felt like everyone around
me had someone special 
to cuddle with and love on
in front of me
In most cases I try to keep
 pitty parties to myself
because they are frequent as of late
 Mr doesn't need to
hear my whining and complaining because
He has bigger things to worry about
and I don't want to add stress to what he's already going through.
Make sense?
But this particular day I was whiney to him.
I just wanted to hear that it was 
okay for me to not like other couples very much
and be anti-social and whine, moan, groan and
complain that I don't get my love
here to cuddle with so nobody else should either.
A little selfish? Yes.
But sometimes I'm not the most
selfless person in the world.
But instead of being annoyed with my whiney self.
Mr decided to make me  smile and laugh.
   He gave me some advice for when I see
other couples loving each other and being
annoyingly cute.
In his words:
"You have two options.
You can either throw water balloons at them
(but only if they make you cry)
or think of us cuddling when I get home"
you have been warned.
Unless you want to walk around sopping wet
keep the cuddling to a minimum around me,
I got permission from Mr so
I can't be held responsible for my actions


  1. Love you Nicole.
    You can come snuggle over here anytime(or throw water baloons, whichever) :D

    Sorry it was a bad day.

  2. awww so sweet. I have these days too. Of course i'm not in your situation, but I still have those bad days and complain and I hate doing that to him because he's stressed out enough!

  3. I have these days too. I definitely feel the urge to throw water balloons at PDA offenders while my guy is away. Couples seem to sprout up everywhere during spring! Tis the season...

    Get your ammunition ready. ;)

  4. I totally hated going out when my Mr. was deployed. I became very anti-social and had a blast with the one person at my pity party--myself! Lol.

  5. Can I do that too?! Seriously, that has to be the best advice ever!! I totally have days like that - when it seems every. single. couple in the universe is out doing the same things that I'm doing...and kissing, hugging, holding hands right in front of me.

    Maybe I'll start carrying water balloons with me. Then again, the MPs might come get me since there sure are a whole lot of couples on post. =P Not sure my hubby would be too happy about that!

  6. ha, i would so feel like throwing water balloons if i were you.
    it's one thing to have someone dear out of reach for a long time, and quite another to not have anyone yet... ♥ i hope your days get better!

  7. i promise to keep my virtual cuddling to a minimum.

  8. Awwww, you poor thing! I'd definitely be having pity parties for myself, too!

  9. Oh my goodness. This is so cute. I'm sorry you're feeling sad :( I definitely have those kinda parties for myself when I'm feeling lonely about being in Seattle by myself. I'll try the water balloon tactic (: