Reading / Loving / Watching

Reading || I've been trying to read more since the first of the year and I've failed a bit in the form of reading only TWO books so far. I read Defending Jacob and Gone Girl, both really thrilling reads that leave you with weird feelings. I'm in the beginning stages of Divergent as we speak and after reading those two intense books I'm forcing myself to hold interest. I do however see potential, so I'm not giving up.

Loving || I never used to bother much with makeup, I was fairly plain and didn't really know a thing about how to apply makeup correctly. Well, last year I changed things up a bit and decided it might be fun to learn a thing or two about how to apply my makeup correctly. It can be so much fun to enhance your natural beauty with a few fun products. Right now I'm loving the The Naked 2 Palette and MAC's Blush all day. The Naked 2 Palette was a huge investment for me and it's going to last me forever. You'll probably cringe when you find out that I've been using the same eye shadow since I was like 16 ... needless to say I hardly ever wore it, and it's probably full of bacteria (so gross). So I'm especially excited to finally have big girl eye shadow to play with. I'll be sharing some updates on my beauty routine in the near future.

Watching || YOUTUBE! I'm obsessed. We're canceling our cable once our contract is up because all we ever watch is Youtube. There's some amazing channels out there and here's a few to get you started: Zoella, Tanya Burr, Sprinkle of Glitter, Shaytards, and Pointless Blog. Don't judge me ;)