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My today was good. It was normal with wonderful weather, quality time with a friend, and an evening spent with my Jeffrey.

This morning I spent time with Turbo and the laundry, while listening to my church's series on the book of Revelation. Folded clothes before noon? Pure accomplishment. Solid preaching on the end times whilst sorting underwear from socks? Spiritually enlightening.

The book of Revelation always scared me as a young girl, and up until recently I was nervous to open this mysterious book full of end times prophecy. To say I was scared as a young girl is really an understatement, I was terrified of reading Revelation. Let me give you a slight taste. I went to a private, Christian school from 5th grade to high school and in first period our teachers led a Bible study to start off the day. Each teacher conducted their studies differently, but most read scriptures or some sort of study book. Well, in 7th grade we would read an entire chapter each day, and slowly work our way through books of the Bible. This happened to be the same year as 9/11, so I was already on a sensitive high. Due to the 9/11 prophecy hype my class voted we read through Revelation each morning. I about lost my noodles, guys. The last thing I wanted to do was read through the very book that was going to dictate the end of my life as I knew it. Not to mention my fears of being "Left Behind" even though I knew I was a Christian. So I took matters into my own hands; I plugged my ears every single morning, through all 22 chapters of Revelation. I didn't want to hear it, I didn't want to know.

But guys, I was missing the point. I was missing SO many big things. I'm proud to say that 12 years later, I've come around and I'm thrilled to be studying the book of Revelation. This book is full of God's intense love for His children. All of the wrath you read about? It's for those who seek to harm His children. Our God is fierce for His children, and in the end? He wins, we win. There's a lot of debate that takes place in this book, but I think it's healthy conversation. The debates have allowed me to dig deeper in my faith and draw closer to my Father. I want to know Him so well that I can discern what He would or wouldn't let His children endure. I don't know that God will ever fully reveal Himself, until the day of the Lord, but until then I can climb further into the scriptures and run with the words that He speaks to me. It's cool and it's big and it's comforting. You should read it. It can be confusing so go through it with others, find podcasts, and ask questions. Jeff and I are listening to it alongside a group of friends and we've been able to come together and talk things through. Right now I'm learning about the tribulation and the 4 Horsemen. It's intense friends. Our world has never been in a worse place, so distant from our Father...I never imagined I'd crave the end times, but I do. I'm ready for the Father to take His people home.

life lately & some news (i'm not with child)

chai with good friends // this book at anthropologie is on my "to buy" list // mid-century dresser that Jeff didn't think we needed tear // we went back in time to winter for one day [we've already moved on to Spring in Cali] // good book.. green tea lemonade..and great company at Starbucks // family kisses before daddy goes to work.

I have news! We are moving again.

This will be our 6th move in our first 2.5 years of marriage. I know what you're thinking...we are beyond nuts. You're probably right, but each move has had significance in our individual lives and marriage as a whole. Yes, I'm going that deep with houses we've lived in. We're still pretty young and learning to navigate our way through life as a married couple. It's challenging, scary, fun and most of all it's rewarding. The rewarding part, really? Yea, it's rewarding because Jeff and I are learning how to do life together and make decisions together. Let me tell's an absolute REWARD when a married couple can agree on big things in life. I'm certain that this move will be our last for at least a few is Jeff, reward.

I have mixed emotions over it, but honestly I'm more happy than not. I wrote about some stuff that happened when we first moved to this house here. Since that first weekend we have been questioning a lot of things. Namely, should we have ever moved here? To say we never should have moved here is silly because clearly God had a plan and He's using this as a stepping stone to our next place in life. However, there are an overwhelming amount of reasons why we're moving. The bottom line is that we shouldn't be living here and we feel that it's been confirmed in more ways than one. Though we're excited for the next step in our lives, we do feel strongly the 7 months we've lived in this house were nothing short of God's perfect plan for this time of our lives.  We matured in different areas that never would have been addressed had we not experienced this home. So, we've listened to our hearts and have faith that it's in our best interest to leave our little 1940's home and venture back to apartment life.

Bring on the noisy neighbors and upstairs inconveniences! Just kidding, I'm so excited to be above ground again.

we dont really celebrate valentines day...but flowers are always okay

Valentine's Day. I've had an inner battle with the Hallmark holiday the last couple of years. I love feeling spoiled, and getting flowers, spending time with my love, and the happiness that comes with a little holiday spirit...but, it's really a tad too commercial for me. Valentine's Day was always super fun as a little one because I got loaded up on candy hearts and paper card Valentine's from my crush-of-the-year. However, now that I'm married and practice love daily, I could do with out the pink overload, and $5 raise on flowers for a week. Never the less, I see it as an excuse to continue our love more, on the same day as everyone else. So we acknowledge the hearts and such..but keep it mellow.

Our day consisted of a nice morning walk, where we found this cool knotty tree and critiqued the houses we do and don't like in our cute neighborhood. After our walk, Jeff went to class and I ventured to a 4-hour shift, making lattes and shaken tea lemonades for the coffee drinkers of America. When I got home from work, my lover was playing video games and had a nicely arranged tulip bouquet with red wine on the counter waiting for me. After the video games were ex-communicated by el wifey, a lovely dinner of zucchini, bread, and chicken cordon bleu was prepared by the hubby.

As we ate our yummy dinner we watched the show Africa, because we're a pretty educational couple, and finished it out with a round of Ridiculousness...just to keep things in perspective.

Once we were fully stuffed with dinner, naturally we needed ice cream. So, we ended our date night with a little Coldstone and the movie Liberal Arts. The world celebrated love yesterday...and though it's commercial, and very pink...our world can use more love so I won't argue with it :)

Conversations with jeff and other people // v.2

It's fair to say I encountered weird this week. I can't quite put a finger on why said weird is drawn to me, but the conversations I had with people just blew me away. It's a long one guys, but definitely worth the read.

jeff: I gave blood today!
me: how patriotic of you.
jeff: [shows me free shirt] I really just needed new clothes, and this is my first graphic-tee!
me: that's great, you should wear it
jeff: I gotta finish my coke first, I saved a life today, you know...

[I use alarms to remind me for EVERYTHING because I'm quite forgetful]

coworker: Hey is your phone the one with the dog on it?
me: Yup, is it ringing?
coworker: Well has a "heart, two people holding hands and BC" I think it's time..
(realizes birth control alarm is FAR too recognizable to the public eye)
me: Thanks, that's an important one for sure!

**next day**

[my phone is in the back room while I'm working on the floor helping customers]

coworker: Your alarm is going off
me: What time is it? shoot, yea it bad
coworker 10 mins later: Were you going to turn that alarm off?
me: ahh YES! sorry about that.
manager: It's THAT time of the day Nicole!
*side eye* awkward...

me: awesome, I only work until 5:45 on Valentine's Day!
jeff: when's Valentine's Day again?
me: the 14th, obviously
jeff: that's not good, I planned a LOT of things to do on February 14th. I'm going to the range, playing golf in the morning..and, wait isn't it on the 12th this year?
me: real funny

[gross lady running, literally running out of the bathroom at Starbucks]

gross lady: [staring wide eyed at me as she opens b-room door] it wasn't me, it wasn't me! I washed my hands in the sink and there wasn't no toilet papers
me: enters scene of toilet paper thrown all over bathroom, sink left running, mounds of disgusting piling over the toilet seat and a stench that might take years to forget.
gross lady: continues running through store lobby, straight out the door was her

[setting the scene] sitting on my couch editing pictures with our front door open because it's nice outside

little girl: excuse me!
me: hi there how can i help you?
little girl: my friends and i are starting a club, a dog walking club...can i walk your dog for free?
me: oh that's so sweet but i don't think we need a dog walking service right now, good luck with your club!
[insert random 60 year old man riding bike]
random man: hi excuse me miss...forgive me if i'm being intrusive, but have you lived in this house for like 40 years?
me: um no I have not
random man: 20 years?
me: [feeling nervous] ummm no
random man: oh oh oh okay um yea so i'm looking for this place [starts describing a house with a pickup truck and some random bush and driveway] and so i'm looking for this place, i was kind of famous like 40 years ago and i kind of got like abducted. you know how it is when you're famous..people treat you different and you have to change your last name and stuff. well anyway, you know the house i'm talking about right?
me: i'm sorry i don't think i can help you sir
random man: okay yea yea sorry um i dont mean to hassle you, i just was famous and you might know me, if you saw me on tv or something..just thought you might recognize me. have a nice day, sorry to be intrusive.
[little girl still standing there]
little girl: he's lying! you shouldn't believe people like that, unless you see him on tv...then you can totally believe he's an actor
me: yea hopefully we don't see him anymore...thanks for offering your dog walking services, good luck with that!
little girl: i also have a boyfriend and i'm 11 and he spent $200 on this ring..okay see you later

[i went inside and called the PD, don't worry guys]

do you guys encounter such weird things throughout the week or is it just me?!

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adios winter

February already? I swear winter came and went faster than it's ever done before. Can't say I'm upset about it. We've definitely had our share of cold winter days..but it's been bright and sunny for the most part, and our front door is wide open for a majority of the day.

I've been pretty lazy in terms of decorating for Valentine's Day, but I feel like I might gain a little motivation this weekend. I cut a few paper hearts and now I need to dig in the V.Day Box for last year's goodies. OH, and my blogging mojo might be back for good...feels good to pop in daily, if for no one other than myself to read and connect with my creative juices.

Happy February to you :)