tis the season

to be jolly...

So naturally that means there will be a lot of Christmas music playing, hot chocolate consuming, Christmas movie watching, Egg-nog steamer drinking, pretty picture taking, and church Christmas program going. 

I've slowly added more Christmas to our house each day, searching tutorials on Pinterest and creating with items I've found in my craft boxes. This is just a sneak peek of the transformation our little home has seen so far. Once everything is set in place and I decide whether or not I want to a red ornament, red and green ornament, or randomized ornament tree...we'll have some pictures up. The dilemmas I face as a home makin lady, man oh man. 

The days over here are spent playing with my new iPhone 5, [and by playing I mean taking and editing hundreds of pictures] because this camera is AMAZING. Mingled in there are editing real life pictures that aren't just instagram squares, working like 25 hours a week...give or take, and lots of family and friend hang outs. It's pure joy. The holidays are in full force and I'm ready to embrace it all. Last year around this time I was cramming for finals and working more than my holiday thumping heart could handle, so this year I'm soaking in all things jolly and bright.

Oh and one more thing...who else thinks it's the coolest thing ever that among Jingle Bells and Rudolph songs, like 95% of people are also subconsciously singing songs about baby Jesus every day this time of year? I like that.

Here's to lots more Christmas music and glitter-ized everything.... :)

Apple Hill

Earlier last month my family took a day trip to Apple Hill, famous for clusters of apple orchards scattered through winding roads, freshly squeezed apple cider, and all sorts of apple goodies. I loved going there as a little girl because it was always significant in my mind as the official start of Fall. The same was true for me and my twenty-something self.

Most of the orchards are accompanied by a sort of craft fair where they sell home made treats and crafts. I should have taken more pictures of all the fun little trinkets...but I was soaking in all things that "my little-girl-at-heart" associated with the official start of Fall so I forgot to grab the camera for some of my favorite spots :)

and that's all I have to say about the election

                                       I voted ^^                                                         We suffered defeat but life goes on ^^ ;)

I'm not a very political person, but I do stand by the great country our family sacrificed so much for. So I voted. Not because I understood every proposition on the ballot, and not because I thought Mitt Romney was the bees-knees, but because I care who is the commander in chief, directing our military..my husband. I care about morality and upholding Biblical truths as best we can in government. I value my voice being heard, though it's somewhat muted in the liberal land of California...I value it none the less and will continue to offer my vote.

With that being said I wouldn't be totally honest if I said I was excited about America's choice in leadership for the coming four years. I can't give you any rich arguments on foreign policy or any long term economic policy plans that send me to a fit of rage. But I do fear that our nation is walking a fine line on issues of morality. I'm not Mormon, but I do know a decent amount about the church and their stance on morality. So, I would have been happy to have someone who upheld moral standards taught in their church..in office, if my only other choice was Obama. I thought Mitt would be our guy, steering us toward the not so popular moral standards we once upheld. Could I be wrong? Sure, but it was worth giving it a try. Obamacare makes me nervous too. Like really nervous.

But among the political arguments, party bashing, and relentless ad campaigns..I am reminded that Jesus is still King over all and that puts my heart and mind at ease.

A sweet friend of mine posted a collaboration of encouraging status updates on facebook and I was especially encouraged by her words and by the words of other believers she chose to include

"No matter who leads the country, there is only One who will lead me.
"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, declares the Lord, who is, and who was, and who is to come..."

"tonight was disappointing, yes. but seeing posts like the ones below have reminded me of so much. that God has not changed. that Jesus is still King. that the world is still beautiful. that He is still making all things new."

"on a night like this, I would rather be in Aslan's country. the best part, though? one day, i will be. and it will be eternity with the Lion of Judah in command. oh praise Him."


I am so blessed to have people like her in my life. Simple posts like those bring things back into perspective. Our Lord is sovereign over all and no political candidate can take that away. 

I may not be happy with the outcome, but I have peace tonight because I know God's plan is bigger and SO much better than any bubble I filled in on a paper ballot.