watercolor pretties and jumping men

.. giggles .. and inspiration ..

I think I need to buy some watercolors!

And that last picture...
you laughed out loud like me

celly unleashed

It's been a while since I dumped my celly files on you tootsie pops
so today is the day.

Let's get the ball rollin with 
my spectacalies.
I'm told they make me look collegiate.

You know what else makes me look collegiate?
Buying beer
teddy grahams
and chocolate milk.
I can assure you..
it helps with your studies
 take my word for it
I have excellent grades

Do you know what else is collegiate?
And by collegiate I mean, not really collegiate.

get it? 

(I don't want to explain this one to you so just catch on..k?) 

Grandpa couldn't understand the concept
of looking into a phone for a picture.
what the heck?
It's like he's from the 50's..

Did you catch diabetes and clogged arteries 
just from looking at this too?

Hair twins.
There's an art to parting bangs.

I felt too safe driving behind the floating ladder
so I switched lanes.

And just so you're aware..
my dad and brother were ninjas or something 7 years ago.

new and exciting things

When I was younger new and exciting meant 
I either got new clothes or the boy I had a crush on finally knew I existed.
Now, new and exciting is finding recipes like
image via
and the boy I have a crush on coming home to me.
The countdown is on folks
the countdown is
for R&R that is.

In other news,
We moved and everything is settled in at our new abode.
My favorite part of moving is redecorating and reorganzing
I get legitimately happy over these kind of things.

the half with Mr's name is blurred so we can protect his identity
it's important that those in top secret military units remain nameless..
or is it?

I'm loving..
 Happiness & deployment Homestretch

my faj

Happy Father's Day to the coolest man I know!

 He catches lizards with his little brother.

He likes to make sure I don't forget small things
like changing my oil
and bearing a child so he can be a grandpa.

And he'll BBQ for you at any hour of the night,

He's one of a kind, and everyone who knows him will tell you so.

Love you pops!


I'm sitting here completely devastated and heartbroken.
One of my friends from high school was married 10 days ago and on his honeymoon
due back tomorrow.
Well, there was an accident today.
He's now in intensive care and his beautiful wife didn't make it.
She went home to be with the Lord.

My family's been sitting here for hours trying to make sense of this tragedy.
My heart aches, my stomach is turning and my head is pounding.
How does this happen?

Our friend was on my dad's baseball team all 4 yrs of high school and has since
coached with him for the last few years.
The beautiful couple was closer with my parents than they were with me,
and seeing my dad burst into tears as he broke the news to his baseball players was
absolutely painful.
This couple was so special to them.
My parents were ecstatic after coming home from their wedding,
just 10 days ago.
They were so in love.

I've been in constant prayer tonight and begging for answers.
Nobody deserves this.
Especially not him.
I'm so heartbroken.
He is supposed to be with his bride 10 days after their wedding.
Not sitting in a hospital bed, worlds apart.
Mr and I have been talking all night, putting ourselves in the situation
and it makes us absolutely sick.
There's no words.
Please, please lift up our friend in prayer.
He needs it and through God's power he can feel peace in this tragedy.
He's alone in a foreign country with out his new bride.
The power of prayer has to reach him.

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.
John 16:33

some thoughts

I won't specify where the thoughts for this post came from, but I'm just throwing my two sense out. It makes my heart ache when people don't treasure a marriage. Marriage was designed and created by our Father in Heaven, representing Christ's love for the church. The distorted view that many people have of this sacred union is really scary to me. It's tossed around like a recreational activity which lends to the polluted view of marriage that many people have today. If only I could talk with a handful of people and catch a glimpse of where these views start and why the treasure of being husband and wife has turned so fowl to some. It might lend to answer the questions I have for them.

edit: This isn't to say I think marriage is easy, or that Mr and I live in a world full of fairy-tales and rainbows. Nor am I blind to the many circumstances where women/men should protect themselves and their children from certain happenings in a marriage, by leaving. This post just stemmed from conversations lately and personal experience. Please know I would never be so naive to think that marriage isn't a two-way road. I also mentioned how I'd love to talk with people that have negative views toward marriage in general to hear their story/understand their reasons. As I stated in the beginning..it's just my two cents, thrown out in my personal blog ;)

Some inspiration from a daily read, Jesus Calling, Mr and I have been reading together:

Through spending time in My Presence, you gain glimpses of My overflowing vastness. These glimpses are tiny foretastes of what you will experience eternally in heaven.

Let My Love envelop your outreach to other people take time to rest in the Love-Light of My Presence.

Ask My Spirit to quiet your mind so that you can think My thoughts.

Buy it, read it and be blessed like I have. Jesus is so fulfilling and overwhelming in the ways He speaks to me. The temptation to go about my day with out acknowledging my Heavenly Father is easy and never intended. But I'm often reminded to stop and just let God.

So for now, I'll continue back to what I was supposed to be doing. However, I don't suppose He minds when we break from our mundane tasks to reflect on His love and purposes for our life.

summer crafting

In order to keep my sanity I've been a crafting machine lately.
I have all these creations and nowhere to put them, but I continue to craft because
I enjoy it :)
I came up with this rosette piece after much boredom and rosette making. 

Do you think anyone would buy this sort of thing if I sold it?
Yes/no/maybe so?

Go check out the rest of the photos from this backyard maternity shoot HERE
Happy weekend to you!

funky mcfunkster

I haven't been updating much here lately because
I'm in this weird funk.
I don't know where else to get my thoughts out though
because sometimes journaling isn't enough.

It's so hard to keep positive lately.
This wall just keeps coming up.
I try and shake it off and remind myself R&R is on the way.
But so much has to happen before then
and it feels so far out of reach.
I just wish I had one friend who lived close to me
going through a deployment.
Just one.

I've been sick for about 4 days now with an 
enormous ulcer in my throat.
Nice and graphic for you, you're welcome.
Well it's painful and
I'm over it.
If I have to drink another meal I might
drink another meal because
that's my only choice.

I haven't been able to talk with Mr much lately because
Iraq hates Skype and the internet in general.
That's the conclusion I've come to.

Summer school started and I had to miss two days 
due to this awesome ulcer. which in reality is like missing 6 days because
each class is 3.5 hours long.
awesome, amazing and stupendously wonderful.

My posts have been choppy and awkward lately
and I'm attributing it to this funky mcfunkster that I'm in.
Do bear with me and pray for me.
Deployment's are no slice of yellow cake with chocolate frosting.


On a completely unrelated note
my couch smells like skunk and
there's no telling why.

picture fun

Do you all know Krista from Life is the messy bits?
Well, she's my friend..like..in real life.
I know you're jealous, I would be too because
she's pretty dang awesome.
aaand if you don't read her blog
you should.
Her hubs came home from AIT today and
since I like to take pictures we decided to do a photoshoot
and force her GI Joe to smile pretty.

they're perfect..
can you tell?

love you Krista! 
It'd be cool if you'd just let GI Joe's unit know that he won't
be coming because your friend Nicole needs you to stay here.
please and thank you 

See the full shoot over on my
I promise you wont be disappointed
they are a beautiful

come home safe boys

Last summer Mr was going through AIT out in Virginia
and I moved there for the summer to be with him
since he would be deploying shortly there after. 
Well it just so happened that Mr's battle from basic had AIT
at the same place and he also had a girlfriend.
She lived in NC and wanted to move out to VA for the summer just like me.
It all worked out perfectly and 
we were able to be each others first roomies.
We had agreed to live together, having never met until their
Basic Graduation Day.
She quickly became one of my closest friends.
I'm so thankful to have met her and have found myself a friend for life.

I moved there exactly a year ago, this week.
We have some amazing memories from last summer but it was
definitely a hard one, I'll go more into that another time.

But, my focus is recognizing two of our
friends from last summer that are deploying to Afghanistan 
Mr met one of them in AIT and the other was his battle.
These boys, along with a few others, became amazing friends to Mr and I
we have some great memories because of them.

The hard part about this Army life is you make great friends
but then get separated due to orders and deployments.
But along the way we've met some fantastic, wonderful, lifelong friends.
So I wouldn't trade it for anything.

To the boys: You are both very special friends to Mr. You made our
stay in VA a memorable and fun one.
I miss you both and hope we can all see each other again someday.
Thank you for serving and come home safe!

[mr on the left, friend on the right]

My birthday!

In honor of my birthday
I'm posting a blog 
for your viewing pleasure.

When I was a wee little gal
 I used to beg my parents to let me open one gift early.
If you remember correctly,
brother and I are exactly 7 days (and a few yrs) apart.
So when his birthday rolled around each year,
naturally I too was ready for gifts.
I was usually given one small gift to hold me over
for 7 more days.
What a greedy little girl I was..
who else got presents on their SIBLING'S birthday?
Spoiled rotton.
This year I opened a present from the parental units on
my brother's birthday..like usual
which has resulted in a
present-less day of my birth.
Maybe I should learn some patience.

I guess some things never change.

Have a fabulous Wednesday and don't you forget
that every first of June is my birthday and in honor of my birthday
you should celebrate because life is good..so go have fun for me
because we'd be having all sorts of good fun
if we were together!

P.S. I could really care less about presents at my old age now
(unless your name is Mr and you're buying me a new camera lens ;))
..so please don't take me too seriously above