DIY baby shower

This past weekend I hosted a baby shower
for one of my best friends.
She's due in April and I'm seriously so excited.
I was the first friend to get married
and this will be the first friend to have a baby.
Here's a few pictures from the day.
I kept the cost of the shower at almost $100
by using things I already had lying around my apartment.
 There were also some DIY's, thrifting purchases, and dollar store finds
  to help with the budget!
[enlarge the pictures to get a better idea of the details]

The "table cloth" is just a piece of fabric
I purchased for $5 at a fabric store.

I wrapped hemp around the top of each mason jar, 
some I found at a thrift store and
then I purchased a 15 pack at our local grocery store for $12..
simple and my new favorite vases!

I made this banner with a Cricut, the best investment you'll ever make
if you enjoy crafting and scrapbooking! I used paper that I already had
and the hemp I've had for years. Total cost of banner: $0

Extra decor around the house and colorful food.
gumballs were from the dollar tree, pitcher from the thrift store, $2 I think
and baby blocks were $12 for a HUGE bag full that I can use
for future maternity photo shoots!

 I used a TV tray as a small table for one of the games.
The pen holder is just an old yankee candle that I rinsed out,
works perfect as a vase too!

Well I hope I gave some of you fun ideas for future parties
or just decor around the house. I have a lot of this stuff up in my
house still because it's all so cute and great for springtime!


  1. oh my gosh you need to style events! this is amazing and I want a Cricut so bad!!

  2. So beautiful and fun!!! I love the blocks and gumballs (:

  3. Great ideas! I love the idea of using blocks for shower decor. SO cute!! Way to keep the cost down!

  4. I LOVE your blog! Thanks for the sweet comment. I am now your new follower! Yay!! xx

  5. you did a beautiful job--those are awesome ideas. love the details:)

  6. dang girl, look how creative you are!

    i'm thinking you should get involved in party planning or something of the sorts, because everything looked soooo darling. <3

  7. What an adorable baby shower!!! My sister is having her first baby at the end of the summer and this has given me some great ideas!

  8. Super cute and what fun ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  9. You did such a great job! and I love even more that it was done on a low budget :)

  10. So pretty! ah, you're so creative :)