this rowdy rooster

playtime and bath time :) he really loves being soaked in water... as if that wasn't obvious.

it's really ridiculous how much i love this little knucklehead. he's literally the most perfect dog, i don't know where he came from. but i'm happy to report he's thoroughly loved and spoiled..and will continue to receive said loves and spoils for stinkin ever.

insta life

So I'm way behind on updating about regular...uhh life? Yea. Life. I've been photographing a lot of sessions lately, and I've updated a few of them here. That's been awesome, amazing, and all things wonderful. The not so wonderful part of photography = business photography. Holy moly, understanding how to run a business has been less than glamorous. But in the end I'm so grateful to be pursuing such a rewarding career. 

In other news I've become slightly obsessed with potting. I have like 10 potted plans...give or take. I love it, the greenery, the challenge to keep them alive (only killed one in 2 weeks, and successfully returned it to home depot), and the freshness it brings to our home. I'm also starting a plate wall in our kitchen. I haven't really figured out whether it's going to be a certain kind of plate or a hoge podge of plates. I'm leaning toward the latter. I don't want it to match, I want it to be an eclectic collection of an assortment of plate styles. I think it will be fun. 

More life updates...ummm...If you don't remember, I transferred to a new Starbucks when we moved, and it was a hard transition at first because I struggle with change. But now I'm thoroughly enjoying my new store and all the people in it. The regulars are pretty cool's strange and cool all at once how you can become friends with the people who come in. 

Here's to a happy mid-October weekend...and lots of pumpkin spice lattes!

welcome, october!

please bring Fall with you soon. summer weather is so overrated this time of year and I'm ready for all your red leaves.

oh, and I DO have more in my house than this TV stand. promise I'll share more soon