Hair Tutorial // Twist&Tuck by Nicole

As a photographer, people tend to ask me how they should prepare for a session. Women want to look their best in photos, and I'm always looking for new ways to help my clients feel more confident during their session. Hair and makeup play a large role in a woman's confidence, which is why I'm excited to introduce you to my dear friend, Nicole! 

We've decided to team up and create some fun tutorials for you here on Nicole Dianne. We're excited to bring you all things beauty...face masks, product reviews, hair/makeup tutorials [how to achieve a matte look so you aren't shiny in your photos :)] and we'd love to get feedback from you guys for anything else you'd like to see here! Nicole is a cosmetology student, passionate about helping other women find beauty in themselves & teaching practical solutions for everyday beauty hang-ups. I have learned so much from her personally, and I know she will bring fresh ideas to your beauty routines! 

Hi guys, it's me Nicole... the other Nicole :]    
I'm so excited for this new feature & I hope you guys are too!

The great thing about hair products is there are so many! Don't feel like you need to get every single one of these, use what works best on YOUR hair...these are just my personal favorites. 
Here we have:
1. Thin, stretchy head band
(Use a color close to your hair color to conceal the band. My hair is dark so I used black.)
2. Thick Bristled Brush
3. Fine Tooth Comb
4. L'Oreal Elnett Hair Spray 
5. Big Sexy Dry Shampoo
6. Kenra Shine Spray
7. Hot Tools Curling Iron 1Inch Barrel 
8. Bobby Pins... Just In Case
9. Babies Breath... For A Wee Bit Of Romanticism

 I began this look with clean hair, but keep in mind this look is practically made for 2nd/3rd day unwashed hair. Nothing covers up dirty hair like a couple a curls and some dry shampoo.

Clip up the upper most layer of hair at the crown of your head and spray the dry shampoo directly onto the scalp. This will give your hair texture right where you need it and will keep all the teasing your about to do intact. Once you have reached optimum volume let down the layer of hair you had clipped up. Your teasing should be completely covered...because ladies never need to tease their hair, right? You were born with that volume weren'tcha girl?

Next, we curl! Before I begin I like to run each section of hair through my iron to heat up the hair. 
Then begin your curl at the mid-shaft slowly feeding the hair through the clamp to make sure each part gets in contact with the heat. I also leave the ends out and uncurled since we are going with the whole I-didn't-even-try-hard-look. Spray your hairspray in sections to keep the curl holding strong. I left my bangs untouched because they will eventually be completely tucked into the headband. Also, I'm lazy.
Take your brush and brush through your entire head. This makes ringlets into waves and gives you a much softer "un-done" look. Add in a little shine spray to complete the look. 

Now the fun begins!
Place your headband on the crown of your head almost touching your forehead and taking small sections of hair begin twisting and tucking them into your headband. I know, it looks a little intimidating but once you start it's almost relieving how easy it becomes!

Once you're comfortable with your Twist&Tuck look go ahead and spray and play!

To take this look a little further,  add small pieces of babys breath into the twist. 
Wedding hair anyone?


and in case you thought we were totally normal...

photography by yours truly

conversations with jeff & other people // v.3

It's time for another installment of Conversations with Jeff...& other people, except this week it's just Jeff! I've started a notes folder on my iPhone with all the weird things he says, so every time I pull up the yellow screen he rolls his eyes b/c he knows where his words will soon appear...I just love this husband of mine and his quirky self....I don't know why I didn't start documenting the conversations we have, sooner :)

[jeff singing in a vibrato voice]

me: you should be on worship team [joking]
jeff: don't be silly. i don't have a Christian voice, it's too saucy.


jeff: i bought myself a little lunch treat
me: bagel dogs?
jeff: no
me: corn-dogs?
jeff: i'd get down on a corn-dog or two 


[watching tierra on the bachelor, 2 diff episodes]

jeff: she can't control her face! she has a sparkle...
jeff: why do they want her to say good morning so bad?


me: my arm hurts for some reason
jeff: it's your wing again isn't it?
[see v.1]


[watching Ellen]

jeff: who was the band?
me: tegan & sara
jeff: oh i love tegan & sara!
me: you don't even know what they sound like
jeff: i know they sound like girls 


[in regard to this video]

jeff: but seriously...i got the most motion in my tata's


[talking about turbo yawning]

jeff: he's so yawny
me: i was just gonna say that!
jeff: i call him yawny depp sometimes


[trying to get out of chores b/c he has homework] 

jeff: i dont have time to fold laundry!
me: but you have time to play games & go on a walk?
jeff: i had to wind down! now i have enough energy to flow from my brain into my finger tips to create chemical genius in writing

and THAT, my friends, is my life every day :) 

thus begins the unpackin'

In case you wonder where I've been and where I'll involves boxes, and lots of them. We're all moved in and ready to settle in our new home. What a relief.

// a few things that make the list of my happies //

starbucks // family night watching the oscars // my little guy cozied up on mounds of blankets // my favorite books // clippings from our yard // warm march days with blue skies // my little guy soaking up some sun // coffee date in a garden courtyard with a great photographer friend

+ stay tuned for another installment of conversations :)