awkward happenings

this post will most likely bore you.
there's probably no point in posting it,
as you will soon see
but it's always nice to remember
awkward things isn't it?
here goes...


1. waiting in line at chipotle, and saying sorry like 5x when they assume i want things in my burrito bowl that i actually don't..and after paying for my food the man next to me says
"wow i'm surprised you didn't say sorry for paying" and once i received my drink says
"you didn't say sorry, you just said thanks, that's great!" jeez sir, SORRY i'm polite!

2. a random man asking me if i wear contacts and when i reply yes he says
oh wow good, cuz your eyes are trippy.
ummm thanks?? (they're normal, and brown.. for the record)

3. running into our neighbors who have really loud, inappropriate sex..
and them accidentally seeing my glare of disgust..oops

4. interrupting my roommate and her boyfriend as they have date nights and cuddle on the couch...
"sorry guys.. just gettin a midnight snack.. carry on, please.."

5. texting my boss instead of my brother

in other news

i bought new book ends today..

seriously cute way to keep organized, i think.

see, i told you this would be boring
and now you also probably think i have weird eyes.
i promise i dont.


  1. Not boring at all!! This is actually hilarious!

    I just discovered your blog, and I'm happy I did!! :D

  2. Haha not boring at all, pretty funny! Oh man I hated when we had neighbors that had really loud sex we could here them while taking a shower (our bathrooms were side by side)
    btw I love those bookends!

  3. SUPER cute bookends!!! Those are all so awkward..especially the loud neighbors!! LOL

  4. woweee!
    those are some good ones.

    1--i sooo understand saying sorry all the time. i'd do it in the same situation.

    i mean, really? telling someone their eyes are trippy? please. shut it. i'm sure your eyes looked fine. he was just a dumbell who looks at everyone funny:)

    3. heh. that might be a bit awkward. and weird.

    4. shoot. i kind of know how that best friend, cuddling with her fiance on her family's couch for extensive amounts of time and we only get to see each other 2-3 times a year? eh, i tried not to let it get to me.

    5. ohhh man that could be bad! haha!

  5. At what point is loud sex inappropriate?! LOL ;)

    The mention of Chipotle has gotten my stomach grumbling. I really really miss it! I can't wait to have it this summer!!!

  6. Hahaha...this is funny!! I would love some Chipotle right now. YUM! We don't have that where I live.

  7. wooow. hahaha i can't believe that guy. what a jerk!

    those awkward moments are pretty funny though :)
    i hear so much about this marvelous "chipotle" and i WANT TO GO! haha it sounds delicious just by hearting the way people talk about it.

    and, lastly, i must say that those book ends are so wonderful! i love em

  8. ahhh I've done that where I walk in on like someone I know and their boyfriend and it's all awkward and stuff... so weird. You should participate in Sydney's Awkward & Awesome Thursday. She does one every thursday and you can link up!

  9. Very nice :) yeaaah thats awkward :/

  10. This made me laugh :)
    The Chipotle apology incident reminds me of myself. I used to apologize for everything, even for scoring in sports lol, but my coach mostly broke me of the habit. They did a study that it's actually bad for your self esteem, who knew? It was just habit for me :)

  11. I HATE when I send a text to the wrong person. If I do this, there's a good chance it is a really awkward text!

  12. this post made me smile so much :) i think the roommate/boyfriend one is my favorite.

    and looove those bookeneds.

    you are adorable, miss<3

  13. Cute book ends!

    You have Instagram, don't you? It's my new fav app!