sunday sillys

I missed Saturday yesterday so I turned it into  
Sunday Sillys.
I had some pretty silly things go on this week 
so I couldn't let y'all miss out on it :)
My uncle turned the big five-oh this last week and
celebrated accordingly
by sporting..
a Justin Bieber shirt
wallet and chain
and wrist cuff.
Jealous he isn't your uncle?

On Monday, President's day, when every company 
has the day off
I decided to rip my last pair of contacts 
break my glasses frames.
It was awesome not seeing the whole day.

An assignment was given out
in one of my 150 person lecture classes,
to interview an elderly person about some media ideas.
After the assignment was handed out this convo took place..
random boy: "this is balls!"
professor: "I'm sorry..what was that I heard?"
random boy: "I can't wait to walk the halls in search of the elderly!"
professor: "I could've sworn that's what I heard too :)"
The best part of this conversation
was random boy's
immediate response
I wish I could think on my toes with wit.

My nephew recently turned 5 and his favorite
birthday present was a
Spiderman watch
the time was 5:56, but not to this 5 year old
we asked him to tell us what time it was and he proudly replied

I was at TJ Maxx the other day.
At the check out line I pulled out my license and military ID.
Apparently this sparked conversation in the old lady helping me out
because she proceeded to tell me how her
two grandsons will soon be joining the military
but not until they are both 18
so they can do it together
because her grandsons are
"tighter than tits"
I was shocked too.
When did this phrase catch on?

milspouse weekly roundup!

It's time for another Milspouse Weekly Roundup!

If you're a milspouse or just in luuub with your military man
then you've come to the right place!
Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself and the Mr
since we've never formally met..

Mr and I just recently tied the knot
but a month and a half after our wedded bliss began
Mr was shipped to the sandbox.
He'll be gone for approximately one year,
which is royally lame..
but I am so stinkin proud of my soldier
and we're kickin this deployment
in the booty!
I like to use all my spare time
burying my head in college text books 

I love..
my soldier
a good book
and my camera
Now for the rules
Pick your favorite post from this last week
and link it up right under this post.
Simple as that!
Now go and meet some new milspouse ladies
and leave some lovin!
And don't forget to check out next week's host
froggylady from The Lily Pad.
She must be awesome if she's got Lily in the name..
but go find out for yourself!

what song am i listening to today?

Today I'm linking up with Goodnight Moon 
for her very first linkup! 
The idea is to pick out a song that you're 
"feeling" lately and post it here.
Music has been a go-to lately,
I love turning my Pandora on and just letting it go.
I'm usually terrible at finding new artists,
I'm one of the guilty people who follows the radio crowd
instead of doing my own research..
I'm real excited to find new artists through this
linkup party, and hopefully expand my genres of music.
My song for this week is "Coming Home" by Diddy
R&B isn't usually a genre I like,
but this song reminds me of Mr so I can't help but love it.
Every year the UFC hosts a 
"Tribute to the Troops" at Fort Hood, Texas.
It just so happened that Mr was at Fort Hood
for the match this year.
This song was performed at the event
and so naturally, I associate it with Mr and all our troops
"Coming Home"
it puts a smile on my face
and I imagine
Mr on his way home to me

vent session

Earlier today I overheard two girls talking about the Navy and the Army. 

 My ears always perk up when I hear talk about the military
[I guess it's the eavesdropper in me].  
Anyway, all was fine and well 
until I heard one girl make reference to something that seriously
made my stomach twist.
 They were talking about some kind of 
battle between the branches nonsense and one girl says, 
"after that comment he couldn't say anything, because he's not infantry..
so he obviously doesn't do much."
ohhh no you didn't miss thang!
It seriously took everything inside of me not to go
off on this seriously mistaken b*word [please 'scuse my french].
Depending on the circumstance I will probably never stand up and 
blatantly tell a stranger how wrong they are.
But I left that room feeling seriously angry inside.
I sincerely hope this isn't the average opinion of Americans.
Just because my husband isn't out on daily convoys and missions,
it doesn't lessen his importance in the Army.
Please get that straight.
He and every other service member...
is away from home
in a foreign land
sleeping on the ground or in tents
missing loved ones
carrying a weapon
living on little to no sleep
in a war zone
bored to death
scared to death
It just really makes no sense to me why anyone can
think one MOS outweighs another.
Or why one branch is superior to another.
Sure, some have chosen a more dangerous specialty 
but they have been well-equipped for such a job.
It hurts to see the separation among branches and jobs.
What good does this mentality bring to the war?
The fact of the matter is every service member is serving
the United States of America
the United States of the Marine Corps..Army..Navy..
the United States of the infantrymen..mechanic..ranger..

support your troops
not your branch. 

saturday sillys

1. The other day I was standing outside one of the lecture halls 
at school waiting for class to start.
  It always annoys me when I can hear other people's music coming out of 
their head phones, 
and while I waited I could hear it coming from somewhere...
I just didn't know where.  
Next thing I know the singing gets louder and I realized
it was coming from the guy standing next to me.  
"You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.  It's a love story, baby just say yes."
oh yes, he was blasting Taylor Swift !
I wonder if he would have played it so loud if he knew others could hear? 

2.  I have a family twin.
I went to a bridal shower tonight and met a girl who has the same family as me.
No, seriously...
Her mom and my mom, same name
her brother and my brother, same name
her sister and me, same name
her dad and my dad, name starts with the same letter.
what the freak?
it's like we were all twins, separated at birth
and once again reunited. 
(I don't know who the bald lady is..?)

3.  My dad ran into an old neighbor of ours today.
When I was 10,
he was seriously the coolest 13 year old I knew.
He and his brother had two rats.
A boy and a girl.
So naturally their names were
  Zapadoor and Tink. 
I didn't care much for Zapadoor 
because he pooped 
in my school sweatshirt pocket one time.

4. I learned the best way to fight with your spouse, tonight.
This advice was passed down from my friend's momma,
but originated by her grandma..which makes this even more awesome.
Ready for this ladies?
Start taking your clothes off as you fight.
Nobody can stay mad when there's boobies staring 'atcha.
Makes me wanna pick a fight with Mr

I like finding the funny in my week
so maybe I'll continue Saturday sillys every week

a letter to you


this week has been hard and it hurts. i dont know when we will talk again and i hate coming to terms with that. isn't this supposed to get easier? i'm trying to hold it down here at home but it's harder than you might think. i get really annoyed with every couple i come in contact with. honestly, i feel bad about it but i know you feel the same way and you're the nicest person i know so i can justify it :) i made salad and french fries for dinner, and i may have cereal for my snack [an overwhelming amount of nutrition, i know] wish you were here to make fun of me and how i can't cook.  i promise i'll try and learn while you're gone. seriously, i'll be a chef when you come home. or at least fixing more than chicken and rice for a gourmet meal. remember when i tried making you pancakes before church and you had to come in and save the day because apparently i try to flip pancakes when they're still completely soupy? you laughed and i felt a little embarrassed but now i know that once there's bubbles you flip the pancake, so thanks. i dont know where i'd be without all of your practical advice. on a different note, i haven't shaved my legs in quite some time now. you'd be disappointed and thoroughly grossed out. but don't worry they'll be smooth when you come home :). i miss the way you would wake me up way before i was ready to get up in the morning, because you woke me up by cuddling me to death. that's my favorite part about our mornings together, just so you know. remember how we fell asleep the night before you left? i fell asleep in your arms and woke up there. we never really did that cuz we both get so hot while we sleep, but that night it was perfect and we did it so good. we were both so excited when we realized we slept the whole night cuddling. i saw american chopper on the tv guide list today and i wanted to watch it just because i know it's your favorite. i couldn't do it though because it made me sad. i always loved watching fantasy factory with you because rob made you laugh so hard. that night we stayed in the kitchen until like 2 in the morning watching episodes on my computer, using the neighbors wifi, when we lived in virginia..haha..i don't know why i liked that night so much but i thought it was fun. we had so much fun in virginia, on our own..newly engaged. i can't wait for you to be home bub. it's just not the same here without you. i try not to think about all of the things we used to do together, that i now do alone, because it just hurts too much. i'm so ready for this deployment to be over. i want so badly to wake up to your cuddling. be safe baby. 

i love you to the moon,

10 on 10: February

it's the 10th and that means
february editon. 

 one photo.. every hour.. for ten hours

thursday outfit 

taking notes in class

3 hour break at school 
[the following four photos]


leaving school

macaroni snack down the drain

doing a little surfing on the web

"owl love you forever"
valentine decor
template from here

happy february 10th :)

All Dressed Up


with the the lady today!

cardi: target, cami: forever 21, button up: H&M, pants: ross, shoes: target

I'm ready for a thrifting trip. 
I need new cardis!
Please ignore the fact that this outfit
looks almost identical to my
last All Dressed Up post

what's on my celly?

oh, hi friends.
go here and partake in fun and games.
my saw neat things this week.


Poor celly saw a headache this particular day.
My assignment was to find 2 Thesis [thees-eye] in the school library
for the department of Communication Studies.
Problem: Thesis are arranged alphabetically,
not by department.

To find out why this sunset is so super special to me
please read this post.
And don't forget to listen to the music,
it's my new favorite song.

How's all that snow East Coast?
Must be cold

I really shouldn't get so distracted when
I read my Bible.
The sparkle doesn't help much.

 Valentine cupcakes from daddy.

I've never seen so much excitement for such a small little cake

Wish I could pop a squat anywhere I pleased.
I just love this baby girl.

Welcome to my home Nie Nie's calendar
there's a safe place for you on my wall
where all who come over will see and love on you.

Happy Tuesday :)

privacy please!

This is something I've wanted to get advice and opinions on for a while now.  Well, to start out..we all know that the internet isn't exactly the safest place in the world, right? So where do you draw the line between being paranoid and playing it safe? What sort of discretion do you all use on your blogs? 

For me personally, 
  • I choose not to display mine or my husband's name.  
  • I also don't post pictures of our faces.
  • I don't disclose our city/town.
  • I try to refrain from posting personal information that could be potentially used against me.
I check out each blog that follows me, and when I'm unable to follow a link to their personal page, I'm somewhat hesitant to know they're reading my personal posts. Also, nameless and picture-less followers make me uneasy. Since I have so many new followers as of lately, I'd just like to get some feedback, since I do not know majority of you.  How do you trust the online networks? I started this blog for personal reasons and I've ended up meeting some real great people, but on the reverse side there's always creepers too.

So, basically I'm asking advice? What are your dos and don'ts in blog world?

Thanks and play safe!!

you're my beloved


I was on my way to Bible study the other night and
I was having a really big pity party for myself.
I miss my husband more than I can even put into words,
I'm scared half to death just because of his location.
Whenever I have fun or forget about real life for a little
I feel somewhat guilty because my husband is miserable
and more or less sleeping in dirt. 
So as all these things are running through my head
the song "Beloved" by Tenth Avenue North 
came on my Pandora station. 

You're my beloved lover
I'm yours
Death shall not part us
It's you I died for
For better or worse
Forever we'll be
My love it unites us and it binds you to me
It's a mystery

I couldn't help but let my tears fall.
I was so sad and so down hearted that the lover and creator of my soul
would let this awful time occur in my life.
I've just had such a hard time grasping the real reasons for it.
It hurt and I felt like I was real and honest with God for a minute.
Real about the hurt, questions, uncertainty and confusion.
But then I looked to the left, 
out my window...

One of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in a long time.
I felt like Jesus met me in my pain.
The painted sky truly brought me comfort, 
he hadn't abandoned me in that moment even if it felt like he had.
But He reminded me that if I'd just let Him in a little further He would show me how
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
I wouldn't say I've overcome this battle of fear and sadness,
but I felt like Jesus was holding my hand in the car that evening. 
He knew I needed a physical sign from Him
letting me know I wasn't alone.

Zephaniah 3:17 
The Lord your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing.

The Lord my God is with me.

my little love

all images © Chestnut Tree Photography

Okay so I know this was my photo of the day over on my
365 blog, but I couldn't resist posting it here too.
This little girl is my absolute love.
I started out as her nanny 3 years ago.
She's one of the most precious little ladies that
I know and she makes my heart so happy.
Can you see why?

Wednesday Wishes

So, I was blog hopping today and found 
she is adorable and talks about her wishes every Wednesday
so I'm joining in this week.

1. I wish my neighbors were quiet.

2. I wish I had better style.

3. I wish I had more military friends
because they understand.

4. I wish I never had to go grocery shopping
and that it all magically showed up in 
my fridge at the beginning of each week.

5. I wish I were taller.

6. I wish my photography career was here already.

7. I wish I wasn't in school.

8. I wish I knew everything about my DSLR.

9. I wish I were in Europe. 

10. I wish my husband was safe.

What's on my celly?

It's Tuesday.
so have some fun with me
and join HERE.

Lets start this post of with some
fresh breath.
My favorite part is that I didn't see all this
yumminess until after I spent 1 hr and 15 mins
rubbing my legs against it.
thank you, 10+ students for sharing
your germs with me.

I like to see yellow ribbons around campus
it makes my heart happy.

Does anyone else fail to see a fortune trailing out of a fortune cookie here?
hmmm...maybe it's just me missing my Hubby 

Why are all my pictures around school?
Oh yea because I live there now.
Hurray for the eventual road to graduation.
is eventual even a word?

I found tons of deployment necklaces on Etsy that I drooled over
but did not want to fork out $85 
so I made this for myself and I wear it everyday
for my lovey
for $6.

Hey girl!
let's be best friends 
have sleepovers
wear the same clothes
have matching buns!
Yea girl lets do it!

I can't seem to throw out these flowers from Mr
they are approx 3 weeks old.
But you'd never know from this picture,
even though they smell more or less rotten.
I don't think my roommate minds the
stench though :)

Now go link up and then look around this girl's fabulous stuff,
for real.