Rainy Random Wednesday

Okay I have no explanation for the randomness below 
other than the fact that I love each picture and didn't
want to split it up into 5 different posts, 
so here they are collaborated into one.
all images © Chestnut Tree Photography
Do you ever feel like you have mounds of books
to read and you can't decide which way to go so
you start reading all 8 of them at once?
I've reached this point and it's absolutely
Oh, and lets add to the mix that I
got a Kindle for Christmas. So all I want to do
is read on that and forget about my pile of paperbacks.
What a dilemma!


Today I am thankful for skype.

It's a wonderful thing and should be thanked accordingly.
So, thank you skype.
Thank you for letting me see Mr while he works far away.

Even though you are grainy and warbly at times,you still come through
because I can still see Mr through the pix-elated screen and it makes me happy. This was our means of communication a short while ago, 
but thanks to you skype, now I see his face.

I understand at times you freeze and our connection fails,
but that's okay b/c Mr's face is frozen on the screen and he always looks cute. 
So, thanks even still. 

If we had coffee..

I'd ask you to listen.

I'd tell you things you might not expect. Not from a girl who appears so strong. I'd tell you that sometimes being honest with yourself relieves something deep down inside. I'd tell you I'm scared and lonely, but don't want your sympathy. You might offer it anyway, but I wouldn't be asking for it. I'd tell you it's hard, really hard and I don't always want to do it. But then I'd tell you I have a husband whose completely worth it. You might be thinking, "you signed up for this." I'll kindly remind you, I did not. I simply fell in love and three years later he signed.. but I still loved. So no, I did not sign up for this. But once again, I would remind you he is worth it. I'd tell you that sometimes I forget to pray. God kindly reminds me He's there though, even when I forget. I'd tell you about my photography and how I get lost behind my lens. Even further, how it brings me happiness and a peace of mind when I can't hardly get through a day, and the joy it brings me when people believe I have a talent. You might be tired of listening to me talk by now, but I'd still need you to listen. I'd tell you how you don't understand..even though you aren't really supposed to. I'd tell you twelve months is a long time, and I'm terrified of them even though we'll make it through better people. I'd tell you that it's real. The pain is real, and the love is real. Once more, I'd remind you he is worth it. I'd tell you I feel vulnerable for admitting these things. I'd ask you to pray for me. It's the only thing I can hold on to. I'd tell you I'm not emotional and rarely cry. Even during this time, when I feel like I should cry, I don't (at least not often). But it still hurts and it's still real. There's still days I don't want to wake up or get dressed.  But, I'd tell you I'm proud, so totally and completely proud. Although I'm all those other things, nothing out weighs how proud I am of my husband.

I'd thank you for listening. 
But, that's only if we had coffee..

Love Birds

This is Josh and Cate.
My brother's best friend and girlfriend.
I happen to think they're adorable.
Cate loves photography, like myself.
  Josh loves Civil Engineering.(how collegiate)
Oh, they also love each other.

all images © Chestnut Tree Photography

My Day In Pictures

Here is what my camera lens saw today. 
all images © Chestnut Tree Photography

What's on my celly?

Hello all! 
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The week started out at my Grandparent's house.
I went over there with my parents and we ate dinner,
listened to stories about their childhood, looked at old pictures
and sat by this warm, amazing fire.
(it was much bigger earlier in the night)
I never want to forget nights like this with my grandparents.
It truly makes my heart warm and happy.

Switching gears a bit...
I found this while shopping and sent the picture to Mr.
I felt it was appropriate given our current situation?
I mean he fits the role just perfectly.

'Scuse  the blur.
I bought these sexy shoes for my Mr. 
He's coming home for Christmas 
and I think I remember him saying he wanted to take me on a hot date?
did I emphasis enough that

Mojitos do the trick sometimes.

  • head wrap
  • mittens
  • big fluffy thing to put already mittened hands inside of that should only be used in the snow
  • scarf
  • pink ugg boots
I think she forgot she was in California?

The death of me...
You get to have free candy samples in this store.
No I did not stuff hand-fulls in my purse!
(Okay, everyone does it)

cotton candy
my favorite.

Our first married Christmas present
was given to us this week.
 It was more of our urberly amazing, cute China.

This heart leaf was on the ground at the gas station.
I fell in love with how Jesus can remind us of his love
in the smallest of ways, when we least expect it.

I started to design a new logo for my photography
Came up with two, but I'm still playing.
This is the one I'm leaning toward.

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Christmas Goodness

Christmas time!
It's bitter-sweet for me this year.
Mr will be home for Christmas, but only for a short while.
with Christmas quickly approaching, 
it's also one day closer to yet, another goodbye. 
I'm truly beyond stoked to spend such a special time with my love.
I have never been this excited for Christmas before.
And let me tell you how excited I get on the average Christmas..
I'm the type to decorate the day after Thanksgiving.
There's no procrastinating allowed in this home.
I adore everything Christmas-y..
Christmas lights
seasonal Starbucks cups
Christmas movies
hot cocoa
fires in the fireplace
and yes,
Christmas music :)
all of it brings me back to childhood and it never gets old.
I love taking a drive to see Christmas lights around town.
It's the most wonderful time of the year!
It's hard spending almost the entire season with out my husband,
My countdown to Mr.'s arrival 
has officially begun!

Cafe Terrace at Night

This picture has always fascinated me. The color and setting grab me, and send me into an imaginative dream. As I sit in Cafe Terrace at Night with Mr, I sip on my latte and watch the people pass us by. After we're done sipping on something warm and French, we take a walk down the cobblestone road. Little children pass us by, they laugh and giggle while they chase after each other. We'll talk about having kids of our own someday. Our children, they'll be whimsical and creative..like their Mommy and Daddy. But that's another dream in itself. After our strole around the cobblestone town, we'll go home, to a quaint little place we call our own, with a terrace and all.
Daydreaming gets the best of me from time to time.
But what does it hurt?
For a just little while, I lived in France and had my
very own terrace in a cobblestone town. :)

I wished you away..

I remember sitting in Mr.'s room on New Years Eve, thinking how I wish 2010 never existed. Eleven days after the new year I was supposed to say bye to my love for the next 7 months. Not something I looked forward to. It scared me to be on my own for 7 months, so I just wished the year would jump forward and maybe not even exist. I had no idea what was in store for the year I had wished away. Little did I know it would be the most transforming year of my life and those 7 months would turn into the least of my concern. 

-Mr. left for basic training 11 days after the New Year.  

-Mr. suggested I move to the East Coast while he finished up his AIT school.

-I dove into my love for photography and began doing shoots.

-I bought a new car and drove across the country.

-I moved to the East Coast.

-I took a semester off of school.

-I got engaged.

-I planned a wedding in 4 months with the help of my Mommy.

-I moved out.

-I got married.

-I got a new job and then quit my new job.

-My husband deployed. 

And to think, the first day of 2010, I wished the whole year never existed. I would have missed out on God's ultimate plan for my life. I grew up a lot this past year. I've lived on my own, driven thousands of miles to be with the one I love, and then married this man. It's incredible to look back on all the hardships and know we've made it through and come out stronger people. People have talked, rumors have flown but that doesn't change where I'm at in my life. This is my life..I'm happy, driven and letting God mold my life to His perfect plan for me. I'd like to wish away 2011, but who knows what this year holds. It might mean I wished away another milestone, another "best day of my life." So I'll go in with an open mind. 2010 made me stronger and 2011 will do the same.