living abundantly

"Christ calls us to do what we cannot, and to be what we are not
He is asking us to walk on water.
Peter succeeded in doing that... but only for those seconds when his gaze was locked on Christ's,
and his mind set, as it were, on the 'things above.' 
But when he looked around, he sank."
Elizabeth Ellio.

How powerful is that?
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
Let Christ be your focus, to the depth of your soul.
Let His breath be your breath
His heart, your heart
 His way, your way
For only through Him can we accomplish anything.
Only through HIM can we live abundantly.

iPhone YouPhone WeAllPhone

I don't even know.
We all do phone though, right?
It's been a while since I've dumped my iPhone pictures
here so I think it's 'bout that time again.

Power food for the information overloaded college student


Every night around 8 p.m. I noticed his bright green, praying-mantice like self creep onto my window.
We were friends for 2 months straight.
Until I woke up to his shriveled body one fateful morning, lifeless on my deck.
Rest in Peace, friend. Your life was short-lived.

Does it surprise you that my math professor rabbit trails into stories
about robots he makes, and brings to dances?
No, no it shouldn't. Because not pictured here, is the hawaiian button-up shirt he cycles through
on an every-other-day basis, paired with this blazor.
And let's not forget his beard.

Friends, meet our pantry.
Pantry, cover yourself up..we have company.
Oh that's right, you're an open bookshelf and you don't have doors.
Darn you small kitchen.

Is taping together your blow-dryer a fire hazard?

If you like circles like me then go here and print out the last two months of this year!
Sorry guys, I knew about this back in September and didn't share til now.

In California we have photo shoots with goats and chickens.

You are a beautiful little lady, full of lusciously blurred backgrounds and crisp images.
I will keep you safe and love you to the fullest. Thank you for being mine.

It's important to note that mutual best friend 
 Langston Hughes.

No, that isn't a coffin like our front office girl suggested.
I don't decorate that intensely for Halloween, ya freaks.
It's actually MR's FINAL PACKAGE HOME!
which means a Mr is soon to follow

Until next time..

pinch, poke, you owe me a coke.

plans don't go accordingly

Today was Friday. The plan was work from 11-5:45, go home, shower, venture to my family's house where I would spend the night avoiding homework and relaxing with mom, dad, brother and the gf. Fairly similar to most of my days as of late.

That was the plan.

But our plans aren't always supposed to be THE plan. God makes THE plan. Whether or not we like it, doesn't have much to do with the outcome. His plan does and always will, prevail.

SO, I had my plans set for the day. Nothing outrageous, but just enough to bring some excitement to my ever growing life of dull-ness and have the attitude that my day will be spectacular. I'm making drinks around 2:47. Pulling shots..pumping syrups..blend, blend blend.

Shift leader: "Who drives a (model/make/color of my car)..?"
Me: pouring blended beverage, above and beyond what should be poured as I'm halted by the shock of my car info being called out.."I do..."
Old man: I just ran into your parked car.

not... that wasn't in my plans for today.

The nice old man had insurance, and I assured him that running into my car was not a big deal and that I understand how sometimes these things happen. I mean honestly, this wasn't on his agenda either today. So let's not make this worse for him than it already is! I had a mindset of keeping calm going into getting his info, seeing the damage and handling the situation. It went smoothly, he gave me the right information (praise Jesus!) and was sweet as could be. Never the less, nobody wants to be one mirror short with a scratched left end. But it's okay, because I don't make the plans.

After I got back to work I let it get to me a little bit. I don't have time for this. My next day off was supposed to be spent relaxing, for ONCE this whole semester, not getting estimates..calling insurance companies and sending my car away. When it came time for my lunch I sat outside. I needed a little breathing room where the air was fresh. I sat and thought. Missing Mr, overwhelmed with school, dreading the drama that comes with insurance claims, and remembering I still had to finish out my shift at work, I felt a little defeated.

I stood up, ready to get my apron back on, get lost in pulling shots, pumping syrup, steaming milk and blending drinks for dependent caffeine drinkers. When out of nowhere one of our sweetest regulars jumped in front of me to open the door. I don't know whether he saw the exhausted and overwhelmed look on my face, or if he's always such a gentleman. But today, I was blessed by his chivalrous gesture. Your next house coffee, with room is on me sir. I appreciate your smiling face, everyday and the genuine small talk you make.

So my plans changed today. I didn't expect car trouble, or hitting mounds of traffic on the freeway so by the time I got home it was too late for family time. But here I am, content and happy. Sitting at home, with candles lit, textbook open beside me, reminiscing over God's plans for my day.

I suppose if my plans had gone accordingly, I wouldn't have sat outside today and breathed in fresh air, something that I think soothes any bad day. I wouldn't have laughed and joked with one of our regulars about my broken car. And most importantly I wouldn't have been blessed by the chivalrous gesture of Mr. House Coffee w/ room. Allowing Jesus to take back control of my plans, and turning them into His plans IS spectacular just as I set out for my day to be. 

guess what

i've been lighting this..

drinking these..

barely sleeping here..

 and typing on this..

to get through the never ending pile of reading assigned..

just to catch you up on the latest