afternoon walk

the storms have continued here in California,
thunder and hail pelted us around 3pm 
and by 5pm it was sunny and beautifully crisp outside
so i went on a walk with my in hand, of course.
you never know what beautiful things Jesus will place in your path.
today was no exception .

all images © Chestnut Tree Photography

thank you Jesus for the beautiful, calm & crisp air after the storm today.
thank you for this precious child that reminded me how fun playing with sticks can be.
thank you for the ducks, seeing this little girl's excitement over them really made my day.
thank you for the amazing views you gave me at sunset on the river.
thank you for my awesome roommate who brought me outdoors when i tried being a hermit.
thank you for your promise to never leave me.
thank you for feeding the flowers with rain so i can see them bloom someday soon.
thank you for my husband and family who constantly encourage me.
thank you for a sweet email from a friend today, she didn't know, but you knew i needed it.
thank you for loving me despite my negative attitude most days.
thank you for showing me your power through the thunder storm today.

Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10


  1. wonderful photos as always!! I love the ones of the car!

  2. beautiful pictures! The first one is my favorite!!

  3. I love the car and duck photos. All of them calm me down and I can imagine the serenity you must have felt. Also, I'm passing on a blog award to you! Thank you for your beautiful blog posts. They always make me stop and appreciate the beauty in life.

  4. Love these!!! I need to take my camera with more often - you captured such "normal" photos, you know? But they are beautiful! And a true reminder of the glory of God!

  5. i love this post so very much. you are an incredible woman, my dear.

    and i love all these photos! i think they are some of my favorite yet.

  6. those ducks are beautiful.
    God is so amazing:)

  7. Oh my GOSH. I am IN LOVE with your photography. I am a newbie photographer myself, and I think I just found me a new idol. You. ;P

  8. Wonderful post sweetie, I love you, momma ;)

  9. It is a parents reward when they see their child love God and know that He is their sole source of comfort. A child after Gods own heart is great reward for me! I Love You Honey!