Jason & Irene | Engaged

This was such a fun session with Jason and Irene! They were a photographer's dream couple...you'd never know there was a camera around them. Such naturals! 

I would love to do more romantic sessions like this one. Oh, and these two met at Starbucks so those last pictures resemble a lot more than just yummy drinks :)

Katherine | Portraits

I'm in the process of portfolio building again since I got my new camera and I'm having a ton of fun seeing improvement with each new session! So here's just a little preview of my latest session. We loved the color blue here if you couldn't tell... :) There's some seriously awesome blue walls in Old Town!

I'm gonna try and start blogging about normal life again, I hope to get back into the swing of things really soon. I've missed documenting my day to day. Things have definitely slowed down around this here bloggy since Mr came home from Iraq. But hopefully all these photo session sneak peeks can hold y'all over until I'm back in the swing of things.


ummmm random

We saw this fallen down fence as we walked through the scenic parts of Sand Harbor {GO there if you ever venture to Lake Tahoe}...it reminded me of the shore back East. I'll be sharing the rest of vaca pictures sooner than later! 

It's been seriously non-stop the last week..since the Fourth of July to be exact. I've since had 3 photo shoots and a 27 hour week at Starbucks. I'd say that puts me somewhere around a 50 hour week when you consider the 12 hour wedding and editing time. Right?! Haven't been to bed before 2 in like four nights because I've been editing session after session. I hope this is what it feels like to be a pro because I wouldn't trade it for the world! Late night edit sessions..revamping my blog..nailing down a logo..so much fun to me. Probably sounds like homework to most, but it's kind of the coolest thing ever for me. 

Ummmm I have no clue where this post is going and highly doubt more than my eyes will read it so since it's 1:45 in the a.m. I best be getting some shut eye. 

I might regret this post in the morning :)

Photography Sneak Peeks

Here's a quick sneak peek of a few sessions I've been working on this weekend. I had the opportunity to second shoot at a wedding with a local photographer this past weekend and it was a great experience. I love seeing how different wedding photographers run the day and pose the wedding party! The other two sessions were amazingly fun and I can't wait to share the rest of the images here! Promise I'm still alive...just knee deep in editing and life :D

Happy Monday!