grandma shirley

tonight i had dinner with my favorite little lady,
my grandma shirley.
we talked about movies, food, boys
and she gave me advice on how to deal with 
some negative feelings i've been harboring.
 grandmas are the absolute best,
and i treasure all of the time we spend together.
she's the cutest little lady and
always tells me how much these little nights
mean to her.
tonight she had a table set for two,
just me and her.
i can picture her so excited setting
the table with pink napkins
waiting for her oldest grand daughter to
come over and spend 
the evening with her

when i commented on her daffodils 
she was quick to mention the 100 bulbs
that were planted in pots on her patio
and went out side with scissors 
to cut me a lovely bouquet
of my own. 

i love my grandma


  1. Sweet post! Love the daffodils:)

  2. Oh, daffodils. Beautiful. Your grandmother sounds lovely. :)

  3. Awww!!! What a sweet grandmother! :)

  4. Very darling grandma you've got! And beautiful bouquet of daffodils. She's a great gardener, too!

  5. That is so wonderful! I love daffodils :)

  6. *happy sigh*
    what a grandma! love this. a lot.

  7. this is the sweetest. no one can replace grandmas. <3