sunday sillys

I missed Saturday yesterday so I turned it into  
Sunday Sillys.
I had some pretty silly things go on this week 
so I couldn't let y'all miss out on it :)
My uncle turned the big five-oh this last week and
celebrated accordingly
by sporting..
a Justin Bieber shirt
wallet and chain
and wrist cuff.
Jealous he isn't your uncle?

On Monday, President's day, when every company 
has the day off
I decided to rip my last pair of contacts 
break my glasses frames.
It was awesome not seeing the whole day.

An assignment was given out
in one of my 150 person lecture classes,
to interview an elderly person about some media ideas.
After the assignment was handed out this convo took place..
random boy: "this is balls!"
professor: "I'm sorry..what was that I heard?"
random boy: "I can't wait to walk the halls in search of the elderly!"
professor: "I could've sworn that's what I heard too :)"
The best part of this conversation
was random boy's
immediate response
I wish I could think on my toes with wit.

My nephew recently turned 5 and his favorite
birthday present was a
Spiderman watch
the time was 5:56, but not to this 5 year old
we asked him to tell us what time it was and he proudly replied

I was at TJ Maxx the other day.
At the check out line I pulled out my license and military ID.
Apparently this sparked conversation in the old lady helping me out
because she proceeded to tell me how her
two grandsons will soon be joining the military
but not until they are both 18
so they can do it together
because her grandsons are
"tighter than tits"
I was shocked too.
When did this phrase catch on?


  1. My uncles would do that same thing! They've been known to dress up funny and do things that embarrass their kids. To me, it's great!

  2. HAHA oh my goodness all the funny things you heard people say!

  3. LOL!!! I'm jealous of your uncle..Tighter than tits HAHA!

  4. tighter than tits, huh? i'm gonna have to remember that one for future reference.

  5. Hahaha...oh my gosh! I have never heard that saying!!

  6. haha cute post!!
    lovely blog!

  7. Oh my God... I might have to say that sometime in random conversation lol