my little love

all images © Chestnut Tree Photography

Okay so I know this was my photo of the day over on my
365 blog, but I couldn't resist posting it here too.
This little girl is my absolute love.
I started out as her nanny 3 years ago.
She's one of the most precious little ladies that
I know and she makes my heart so happy.
Can you see why?


  1. Oh gosh! So cute. I can see why (: Her eyes are beautiful and girl, you rock at photography!

  2. she is SO pretty.

    You know the husband and I are getting baby fever when he leans over and says "wow what a pretty little girl!!"

    exclamation and all...

  3. Okay, so I totally thought that this picture was just an image from the web! You take uh-mazing pictures!!!!!! Seriously! She is completely adorable too!

  4. sweetness:)
    she's a real cutie!

  5. awww, what a cutie! love those sweet little eyes :)

    great picture!

  6. so so so so so sooo sweeeet!! I love kids and you take such sweet pretty pictures. :D

    {sorry if my back and forth between blog names is confusing, it's still just brandi lol}

    aaaand I LOVED your how you met MR. story. caute. :)

  7. so so cute and i love the cupcake idea!! my sister has been a nanny for years and years and she always becomes so attached to her little sweeties, she's adorable!