What's on my celly?

It's Tuesday.
so have some fun with me
and join HERE.

Lets start this post of with some
fresh breath.
My favorite part is that I didn't see all this
yumminess until after I spent 1 hr and 15 mins
rubbing my legs against it.
thank you, 10+ students for sharing
your germs with me.

I like to see yellow ribbons around campus
it makes my heart happy.

Does anyone else fail to see a fortune trailing out of a fortune cookie here?
hmmm...maybe it's just me missing my Hubby 

Why are all my pictures around school?
Oh yea because I live there now.
Hurray for the eventual road to graduation.
is eventual even a word?

I found tons of deployment necklaces on Etsy that I drooled over
but did not want to fork out $85 
so I made this for myself and I wear it everyday
for my lovey
for $6.

Hey girl!
let's be best friends 
have sleepovers
wear the same clothes
have matching buns!
Yea girl lets do it!

I can't seem to throw out these flowers from Mr
they are approx 3 weeks old.
But you'd never know from this picture,
even though they smell more or less rotten.
I don't think my roommate minds the
stench though :)

Now go link up and then look around this girl's fabulous stuff,
for real.


  1. I love the caption for that picture about the girls!!!! And girl. That necklace. I want one how did you make it???

  2. I love that necklace!!! Good job making it!!!
    And ohhhhhh that makes me want to put my hair in a bun and be all cool like! :)

  3. i wanna necklace!!
    eww gum. awesome girl caption. i may need to go find a friend to wear a bun with. ;D

  4. Zombie flowers!!

    And gross on the gum desk!

  5. All that gum under the desk? BLECH. Gosh, people are gross.
    Great job on that necklace! it's way cute!

  6. oh my, those matching buns! how great it that:)

    awww, the flowers are sweet looking, even though they don't smell the best anymore. :)

  7. i just laughed out loud at the bun girls caption. amazing.

  8. Gross on the gum!!!!
    Love the yellow ribbon and you necklace is way cute!

  9. That necklace is adorable! Great job!

  10. that gum desk is colorful. at least they made it pretty.

    i love ur necklace. adorable :)