Wednesday Wishes

So, I was blog hopping today and found 
she is adorable and talks about her wishes every Wednesday
so I'm joining in this week.

1. I wish my neighbors were quiet.

2. I wish I had better style.

3. I wish I had more military friends
because they understand.

4. I wish I never had to go grocery shopping
and that it all magically showed up in 
my fridge at the beginning of each week.

5. I wish I were taller.

6. I wish my photography career was here already.

7. I wish I wasn't in school.

8. I wish I knew everything about my DSLR.

9. I wish I were in Europe. 

10. I wish my husband was safe.


  1. I do my grocery shopping online and have it delivered to my technically it does magically show up each week...

    basically I am just too lazy to walk to the store and carry the food back...

    I don't have a car in england okay?

  2. thank you for being a military wife and being strong to let your husband serve for our freedom! i really appreciate it! james wants to be a marine so bad, but he's had too many surgeries that no doctor will sign off on him. so, i was almost a military wife and i cannot even imagine what it's like.

    i wish i had better style, too. :\

  3. WOW! I love your blog so much! I love finding military spouses. Even though I'm not one yet I can't wait to be and I'll definitely be your military friend :) I need one too ha. Can't wait to look around your blog more!

  4. Love Brooke and her blog!! I hate grocery shopping, too!!! I think there really is online grocery shopping. Maybe we should try it.

  5. I'm new to your blog, but have enjoyed reading your past few posts. Wishful Wednesday is a wonderful idea. I wish for you to find new military friends. I don't know what it's like, but I see my other friends who are and I pray for their husbands nightly.

  6. Oh I'm a Military wife... I wish the same thing as you. I so wish I didnt have to go grocery shopping or that I lived above a grocery store, you know how they do in the movie :)

  7. hmmmm. wishful wednesday sounds like a good idea... :)

    i like that food-in-the-fridge wish a lot, too:)

  8. aw thank you for the comment on my blog! I am glad you like my wedding ring :) it is my prized addition to my husband and dog.. :)