what's on my celly?

oh, hi friends.
go here and partake in fun and games.
my cell.a.phone saw neat things this week.


Poor celly saw a headache this particular day.
My assignment was to find 2 Thesis [thees-eye] in the school library
for the department of Communication Studies.
Problem: Thesis are arranged alphabetically,
not by department.

To find out why this sunset is so super special to me
please read this post.
And don't forget to listen to the music,
it's my new favorite song.

How's all that snow East Coast?
Must be cold

I really shouldn't get so distracted when
I read my Bible.
The sparkle doesn't help much.

 Valentine cupcakes from daddy.

I've never seen so much excitement for such a small little cake

Wish I could pop a squat anywhere I pleased.
I just love this baby girl.

Welcome to my home Nie Nie's calendar
there's a safe place for you on my wall
where all who come over will see and love on you.

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. ha, you are so cute :)
    the ring picture especially made me smile <3

  2. ah, i love those photos! and the scriptures behind the ring, ♥

  3. Love the sky pictures! They are always my favorite!

  4. I love the cupcake excitement! I get the same way! :)

    I love the pics! Are these straight from the phone? Do you use a special app or photo editing site? Just curious because I love the look!

  5. My Mr. used to be in a band too! He drummed at one of his duty stations, but after moving it made keeping the band together hard. So now he just does it for fun, and to prevent rustiness. :) And I wish I had an iphone for that app! :-/ I have android. Haven't found anything comparable yet.

  6. I'd be excited for such a cute cupcake :)

  7. your ring/rings are gorgeous and the sunset is to die for!! i seriously need to make cupcakes like that for my girls this year, they would have a cow, hahaha!

  8. all of these pictures look so eerily familiar...hmmm. kinda how i bet all mine look to YOU. hah.

    so who is the little tiny cute chick?! she's precious.

  9. my munchkin will sit on/in anything! Her favorite right now is inside an empty laundry basket :)