vent session

Earlier today I overheard two girls talking about the Navy and the Army. 

 My ears always perk up when I hear talk about the military
[I guess it's the eavesdropper in me].  
Anyway, all was fine and well 
until I heard one girl make reference to something that seriously
made my stomach twist.
 They were talking about some kind of 
battle between the branches nonsense and one girl says, 
"after that comment he couldn't say anything, because he's not infantry..
so he obviously doesn't do much."
ohhh no you didn't miss thang!
It seriously took everything inside of me not to go
off on this seriously mistaken b*word [please 'scuse my french].
Depending on the circumstance I will probably never stand up and 
blatantly tell a stranger how wrong they are.
But I left that room feeling seriously angry inside.
I sincerely hope this isn't the average opinion of Americans.
Just because my husband isn't out on daily convoys and missions,
it doesn't lessen his importance in the Army.
Please get that straight.
He and every other service member...
is away from home
in a foreign land
sleeping on the ground or in tents
missing loved ones
carrying a weapon
living on little to no sleep
in a war zone
bored to death
scared to death
It just really makes no sense to me why anyone can
think one MOS outweighs another.
Or why one branch is superior to another.
Sure, some have chosen a more dangerous specialty 
but they have been well-equipped for such a job.
It hurts to see the separation among branches and jobs.
What good does this mentality bring to the war?
The fact of the matter is every service member is serving
the United States of America
the United States of the Marine Corps..Army..Navy..
the United States of the infantrymen..mechanic..ranger..

support your troops
not your branch. 


  1. And...end scene. Standing for a round of applause!

    Well said. All MOS's support one another. Each of our husbands wouldn't be able to do their jobs, without another MOS supporting them up. Like I have always been taught, someone is always watching you, or listening to you when you don't think they are. Some people just shouldn't speak!

  2. Well, I would have definitely had trouble biting my tongue! I am all for a little bit of fun go army, beat navy banter, but that is just ignorant. That SO needs a little military 101 since she clearly does not understand how this thing works. Everyday, I am happy like my fiance is not kicking down doors in Afghanistan, but I have never seen someone work so hard, have so little sleep, and accomplish so much. I surely wouldn't trade his job for mine....and oh this job he does ensures that the mission (everyone's mission) is completed. gr!!

  3. Exactly!!
    Sadly I hear things like this often. The lack of respect and understanding is ridiculous!

  4. I have stepped into a conversation once and only once. With a girl who was literally talking WAY louder than she should have at a Applebees...her comment ----"All other branches are a bunch of pu$$y's compared to Marines...I mean the Navy is a bunch of F@gs and the air force is a bunch of rich goody goddies. Don't get me started on those Army D-bags." My head hit the roof I was so mad at how ignorant she was. All of our troops are fighting and all of them are missing home. I turned around and gave her a good idea as of why people DO NOT talk crap about any military never know if a wife, girlfriend, sister, brother, momma, daddy, or friend is listening.

  5. i'm glad you posted this, military is military. every branch serves a purpose and every military person serves their country. you're exactly right, they're all away from home, they are all sacrificing and every single job, rank, division, branch all serve a purpose and it's a whole working system, no one's job is less than another's. we need every single job to make the military work. well said sista friend!

  6. wow well said love. I do not know much about the inner workings of the military, branches, etc. It is all very foreign to me. and I would never assume to know anything. But i do read the blogs of the military wives..and I see no difference in the love, sadness, compassion, and strength from each wife and her matter what branch.

    hugs to you. xx

  7. This makes me so mad. We're all fighting the same cause!

    Sure, there is a rivalry between West Point and the Naval Academy (such as "go navy, beat army"), but it's friendly and sports-centered. The rivalry is for college, not the outside world. All the midshipmen and cadets know who they're fighting for and who they stand with-- America as a whole.

    For example. J and I were in Rome and met some West Point grads at a local bar. They became our best friends for the night! It didn't matter that they were army and we were navy, we could all relate on the same level and be proud of one another.

    Thank you for this post!

  8. I would've hard a really hard time NOT going over at having a little chat with this b... um, person.

    All branches, all MOS are there fighting the same war. They all go on patrols, sure some may go more than others but even cooks go out. Why do you think they all go to BMT and learn how to shoot, etc. Infantry is just more specialized/has more training while other MOS have specialization/training on other areas.

    Every branch has its role, as does every MOS, and this couldn't be done with out every single one of them.

  9. This is my first visit to your blog, and I think I like you! : ) My husband is a former Army Sergeant who served in the Airborne Infantry AND as a bridge engineer. I would be proud of him no matter how he served because every member of our armed forces derserves our support.

  10. urgh. what nerve that girl had.
    i'm with you on this--every little part of everything is important. gosh.

  11. Let's go find that girl and all tell her at once how important each of our husband/loved one's jobs are in each of the branches. What ignorance.