privacy please!

This is something I've wanted to get advice and opinions on for a while now.  Well, to start out..we all know that the internet isn't exactly the safest place in the world, right? So where do you draw the line between being paranoid and playing it safe? What sort of discretion do you all use on your blogs? 

For me personally, 
  • I choose not to display mine or my husband's name.  
  • I also don't post pictures of our faces.
  • I don't disclose our city/town.
  • I try to refrain from posting personal information that could be potentially used against me.
I check out each blog that follows me, and when I'm unable to follow a link to their personal page, I'm somewhat hesitant to know they're reading my personal posts. Also, nameless and picture-less followers make me uneasy. Since I have so many new followers as of lately, I'd just like to get some feedback, since I do not know majority of you.  How do you trust the online networks? I started this blog for personal reasons and I've ended up meeting some real great people, but on the reverse side there's always creepers too.

So, basically I'm asking advice? What are your dos and don'ts in blog world?

Thanks and play safe!!


  1. I'm not too super safe when it comes to blogs. I post our pictures, faces and everything, the town we live in, and my blog title {Eiban There} has my last name in it. I consider my blog our life story, it's a way to keep up with everything we are doing, etc. I will never be able to scrap book and keep up with how many pictures I take, so this is the easiest way for me. I do check out each blog that follows me, and try to form relationships with those ladies.

    Great Question! :)

  2. Personally I think if the government wants to get your information..there's an encyclopedia of info right at they're fingertips anyway. Where as other people...ya nameless faceless followers would bother me, but I don't mind posting names, faces or that kind of information. Nice post, definatley something to think about....

  3. I'm also one who lays everything out there. However, I do like the privacy of blogs like yours "The Mrs. and The Mr." is just too cute. I think privacy is all up to you. I am just starting out in this bloggy world and have only 30ish followers. I know all of them personally or have met them through blog hops where I followed their pages first (like I did with yours). It's just neat to see others perspectives on life. I'm not scared of the internet, I know there are some not so great things, but I would like to think that I am careful enough to know when something is true or fake.

  4. I do my best to be discreet about certain things: last names, my boyfriend's first name, and everything regarding Opsec. I also never disclose when I'm home alone. If I do mention my boyfriend coming and going, I always mention it when he is actually back home with me.

    Which poses the question about security during deployment. My boyfriend might have to leave for a it safe to mention this on my blog? I'm not sure. It's a tough thing to ignore, but I don't want people knowing that I'm living in a new town by myself. Then again, there are so many blogs that discuss this sort of thing freely.

    I guess I'm paranoid about some things and not others (like posting pictures of ourselves). I also read that if you post a picture directly from an iphone to (let's say) twitter, a hacker can pinpoint your location. CREEPY. Good thing I don't have a smartphone yet haha.

  5. ooooh, I feel the same way about those nameless, linkless, faceless followers. makes me shudder. and i'm not all that paranoid, either.
    i'm definitely discreet about our last name, where we live, etc.
    i like how you call yourselves mr. and mrs. i think it's cute.
    i'm not too scared to show my face/my family's faces... but when i talk about vacations, etc., i say up north or down south; maybe the state name, but never towns. just bein' careful that way.

  6. I like to call my blog semi-anonymous. I don't post our names, I don't show our faces, I don't reveal exactly where we live or work. I think that someone could figure out who we are if they really wanted to but I just don't want to make it easy. I do this because I don't want patients or colleagues recognizing me. I also feel like it's just safer that way. It's easier to start out anonymous and reveal more later if I feel ok about it.

    I promise I'm not some creepy follower! :)

  7. hmmm, now i'm getting creeped out. lol, i do post pics of our faces and our children, yikes! i do not say our last names nor do i say my hubby's first name, i've dubbed him "Bewtcut" cuz saying "hubby" got old. even my actual blog URL says my first name, not his name or our last name so you couldn't really find it that way. I DID put a link if you want to become fb friends, which maybe i should take down cuz it says our names, but honestly i think if someone truly wanted to be weirdo, you'd figure it out ya know?
    you can't really help who reads/views your blog if it's not private, so i guess you have to decide if you want to take the good with the bad. I don't live on base, so blogging was the way i found other milspouses and found out how much support was out there!!! and i've met and become incredible friends with some of my bloggy buddies, it's a great way to reach out as well.

  8. I gave this a lot of thought when I started my blog. On one hand, you want to keep a certain level of privacy. On another, you want people to be able to relate to you. I use my first name, but not my husband's. I don't disclose my last name or my location (although it's not hard to determine at least the region I live in). I don't blog about certain topics like work. I don't post pictures of my husband and don't typically post many of myself. I don't want to be faceless and nameless, but I'm not ready to share everything.

  9. i always get sort of freaked out when i see all the cities that are reading my blog (i have several different trackers-sitefeed, feedjit, and blog frog). i'm not too worried though. i don't really post about personal things such as work..just mostly our relationship. i post our first names and people know that the state i live in, but i don't disclose the city.