what's on my celly?

Sorry this post has been deleted!


  1. I love Ikea!

    Stacia's a little creepy!

    I love the colorful little tree by your fire place!

    Your new hair is adorable!

    I am grateful to your Mr. for his service!

    And I miss Bush too!

  2. Love your pictures! :) And nice hair btw!

  3. The elf is pretty great, but my favorite is the ghetto Christmas lights on the window. I've got a matching window. ;)
    Stacia is pretty creepy...

  4. oh man Chinooks are BA...
    I friggen LOVE the elf lol and that cheese cake looks yummy!

  5. stacia is scary. i like her. i need one.

    ur hair looks AWESOME!!!! sooooo cute!!

    i want some cheesecake NOW. tell chicago to send ME some.

    any man with a big gun looks HOT. that's just that.

  6. first, love your hair, super cute!! and that's about the extent of my christmas decorations and i have a house and 4 kids..oopsie! need to go shopping! hahaha
    i love non-frusturated brothers and artistic daddies!

  7. holy sexy hair! sigh makes me want to chop mine BUT i know i'll regrat it. way to decorate for the holidays your tree is my favorite!

  8. My hair did not look like that after my 7 inch chop. It looks like a white girl afro before I spend 2 hours taming it. So cute on you though!

  9. Love your haircut! Adorable.
    i used to have my very own stacia when i was in cosmetology school. sadly, i gave her away.
    Cute christmas decorations. my most favorite is the brother on the ladder not yelling in frustration or anger.
    love your blog!