I wished you away..

I remember sitting in Mr.'s room on New Years Eve, thinking how I wish 2010 never existed. Eleven days after the new year I was supposed to say bye to my love for the next 7 months. Not something I looked forward to. It scared me to be on my own for 7 months, so I just wished the year would jump forward and maybe not even exist. I had no idea what was in store for the year I had wished away. Little did I know it would be the most transforming year of my life and those 7 months would turn into the least of my concern. 

-Mr. left for basic training 11 days after the New Year.  

-Mr. suggested I move to the East Coast while he finished up his AIT school.

-I dove into my love for photography and began doing shoots.

-I bought a new car and drove across the country.

-I moved to the East Coast.

-I took a semester off of school.

-I got engaged.

-I planned a wedding in 4 months with the help of my Mommy.

-I moved out.

-I got married.

-I got a new job and then quit my new job.

-My husband deployed. 

And to think, the first day of 2010, I wished the whole year never existed. I would have missed out on God's ultimate plan for my life. I grew up a lot this past year. I've lived on my own, driven thousands of miles to be with the one I love, and then married this man. It's incredible to look back on all the hardships and know we've made it through and come out stronger people. People have talked, rumors have flown but that doesn't change where I'm at in my life. This is my life..I'm happy, driven and letting God mold my life to His perfect plan for me. I'd like to wish away 2011, but who knows what this year holds. It might mean I wished away another milestone, another "best day of my life." So I'll go in with an open mind. 2010 made me stronger and 2011 will do the same. 


  1. this brought tears to my eyes. it made me think of this quote about life, you've probably heard it, it goes something like: no one promised it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

    and i think that's just so true for your story. God uses the craziest circumstances to teach us surrender and grow in us perseverance. 2011 may be a difficult year coming up, but whatever God has in store for you will be more than worth it.

    you are in my prayers mrs. wallace.

  2. Def got a lil teary eyed reading that! So well written, and so true! you have been through a lot this year and it is cool that you can look back on it and see God's hand transforming you! I love you and I'm prayin for you both!

  3. I love your blog! I'm such a big fan of pictures helping tell the story.. so your's is right up my alley =)
    Maybe there will be a baby in 2011? =)
    ps comin over from Saturday Around the World

  4. Oh wow....
    Yeah, I can relate to wishing a year or months to be over and not exist in the first place.
    That's amazing, all that happened this year for you! God is so good..