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The week started out at my Grandparent's house.
I went over there with my parents and we ate dinner,
listened to stories about their childhood, looked at old pictures
and sat by this warm, amazing fire.
(it was much bigger earlier in the night)
I never want to forget nights like this with my grandparents.
It truly makes my heart warm and happy.

Switching gears a bit...
I found this while shopping and sent the picture to Mr.
I felt it was appropriate given our current situation?
I mean he fits the role just perfectly.

'Scuse  the blur.
I bought these sexy shoes for my Mr. 
He's coming home for Christmas 
and I think I remember him saying he wanted to take me on a hot date?
did I emphasis enough that

Mojitos do the trick sometimes.

  • head wrap
  • mittens
  • big fluffy thing to put already mittened hands inside of that should only be used in the snow
  • scarf
  • pink ugg boots
I think she forgot she was in California?

The death of me...
You get to have free candy samples in this store.
No I did not stuff hand-fulls in my purse!
(Okay, everyone does it)

cotton candy
my favorite.

Our first married Christmas present
was given to us this week.
 It was more of our urberly amazing, cute China.

This heart leaf was on the ground at the gas station.
I fell in love with how Jesus can remind us of his love
in the smallest of ways, when we least expect it.

I started to design a new logo for my photography
Came up with two, but I'm still playing.
This is the one I'm leaning toward.

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  1. yea for mr. coming home for christmas!! i think he'll love the shoes AND the ring...;)
    i luuuv your china and i think i'm leaning towards the second colorful logo as well.

  2. Hahaha!!!! M16? Really? I loooove that china! Where did you get it?!?

  3. Still cracking up about the winter-wear wonder woman. Those shoes are hot. Love the heart leaf. And, I like the second logo.

  4. Love everything...especially inappropriately dressed woman.

    I vote for the tree logo. Super cute.

  5. That leaf picture is perfect!!! Can tell your a photographer!!! And props on the shoes! Super sexy!!

  6. haha oh dear god..m16.lmao
    those shoes are so cute! I wish I could wear highheels..
    the china is adorable! I love it!

  7. Yay for the Mr. and shoes! I could never wear them, I would break my neck but you rock them out!

  8. Love the shoes, love the leaf, love option 2 for your logo. I liked option 1 too though ;)

  9. Those shoes are hot as! Love them!!
    Ang xxx

  10. The winter lady is awesome. The china is amazing. The shoes are HOT. the logo is perfect. But the m16 ring? Freakin funny as dookie.

  11. Oooh, LOVE the shoes!
    And that china? My goodness. Darling!!
    Hmm. methinks I shall be back. You've got a really lovely blog.
    I came over from Amanda + Don's blog hop thing:)
    Hope you're having a wonderfee Saturday, dear!
    I'm the newest follower; the girl with the green mug of chai in her face, that's me. ;) Though most of the time it's coffee.