Cafe Terrace at Night

This picture has always fascinated me. The color and setting grab me, and send me into an imaginative dream. As I sit in Cafe Terrace at Night with Mr, I sip on my latte and watch the people pass us by. After we're done sipping on something warm and French, we take a walk down the cobblestone road. Little children pass us by, they laugh and giggle while they chase after each other. We'll talk about having kids of our own someday. Our children, they'll be whimsical and their Mommy and Daddy. But that's another dream in itself. After our strole around the cobblestone town, we'll go home, to a quaint little place we call our own, with a terrace and all.
Daydreaming gets the best of me from time to time.
But what does it hurt?
For a just little while, I lived in France and had my
very own terrace in a cobblestone town. :)


  1. I love that painting. And I love your idea of imagining yourself in that scene :)