Today I am thankful for skype.

It's a wonderful thing and should be thanked accordingly.
So, thank you skype.
Thank you for letting me see Mr while he works far away.

Even though you are grainy and warbly at times,you still come through
because I can still see Mr through the pix-elated screen and it makes me happy. This was our means of communication a short while ago, 
but thanks to you skype, now I see his face.

I understand at times you freeze and our connection fails,
but that's okay b/c Mr's face is frozen on the screen and he always looks cute. 
So, thanks even still. 


  1. Shype is absolutely the best thing in the world! So glad you get to skype with your husband! I always hated it when my husband would deploy and they werent allowed to use skype :( (because of security and the area he was in) but its still awesome.

  2. Yep, Skype is pretty awesome. A military friend just went to the other side of the country, so yeah...Skype'll be used. Quite a bit. :)

    p.s. You guys are really cute. ;)