Rainy Random Wednesday

Okay I have no explanation for the randomness below 
other than the fact that I love each picture and didn't
want to split it up into 5 different posts, 
so here they are collaborated into one.
all images © Chestnut Tree Photography
Do you ever feel like you have mounds of books
to read and you can't decide which way to go so
you start reading all 8 of them at once?
I've reached this point and it's absolutely
Oh, and lets add to the mix that I
got a Kindle for Christmas. So all I want to do
is read on that and forget about my pile of paperbacks.
What a dilemma!

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  1. Hi!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! :) I love this post. The pictures are great and I feel your pain on the book dilemma! I recently got an iPad so now I only want to read on it even though I literally have hundreds of unread books in my house! It's craziness!! :)

    And speaking of books... I have not yet read Mockingjay. I read the first two so many months before Mockingjay was released that whenistarted readingiti felt lost. So, now I need to go back and read the first two again before I start the third!

    Anyway, nice to "meet" you!! :)