Christmas Goodness

Christmas time!
It's bitter-sweet for me this year.
Mr will be home for Christmas, but only for a short while.
with Christmas quickly approaching, 
it's also one day closer to yet, another goodbye. 
I'm truly beyond stoked to spend such a special time with my love.
I have never been this excited for Christmas before.
And let me tell you how excited I get on the average Christmas..
I'm the type to decorate the day after Thanksgiving.
There's no procrastinating allowed in this home.
I adore everything Christmas-y..
Christmas lights
seasonal Starbucks cups
Christmas movies
hot cocoa
fires in the fireplace
and yes,
Christmas music :)
all of it brings me back to childhood and it never gets old.
I love taking a drive to see Christmas lights around town.
It's the most wonderful time of the year!
It's hard spending almost the entire season with out my husband,
My countdown to Mr.'s arrival 
has officially begun!

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  1. these pictures are so Christmas-y!! i just love christmastime!! ♥