conversations with jeff // v.4

This husband of mine constantly keeps me laughing, And he never fails to remind me how many years he's added onto my life by doing so! Please enjoy my day-to-day conversations with this silly guy.


Jeff: I think I'd look good with a pony tail, it would be different, it's kind of bohemian. 

Me: I don't think so.

Jeff: You've been wrong before. 


[Jeff on Twitter

Jeff: How do I say something on here?

Me: Use your wit, you're hilarious

Jeff: No. Literally, how do I say something on here? Where is it?


Me: You haven't posted anything on Instagram in over a month

Jeff: I know, I'm having a creative block


Me: Hey will you throw my clothes in the dryer since you're over there?

Jeff: Sure, but everything is going in the dyer! Including your sweatshirt. You're going to get bacon zipper!


[Jeff dancing around like crazy

Jeff: Man I'm tired, Jazzercise is REAL.


[Shopping around in West Elm]

Jeff: $150 for a DUVET COVER? We're not the Prince of Persia here!


[On Pringles]

Jeff: I knew once I popped I couldn't stop. 


Jeff: Hey, do I have any other nieces?

Me: Nope, just one.

Jeff: Okay. Lina you're my favorite niece!


Jeff: Should we name our future son Maxwell? 

Me: Sure that's a cute name.

Jeff: Actually let's go with Maximus. Maximus Greenwald...gotta set him up for success. 


Jeff: You know what I could get down on right now? A gallon of milk. 


Me: Hey what do you think of this edit?

Jeff: I mean your aperture is great, but your contrast ratio is a bit off. Is that the right way to critique? 

Me: I applaud the effort.


[After me reading him a conversation my friend had with her son, that she had posted on Facebook]

Jeff: So wait, am I like your child? You always write down what I say and post it places!


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