conversations with jeff & other people // v.3

It's time for another installment of Conversations with Jeff...& other people, except this week it's just Jeff! I've started a notes folder on my iPhone with all the weird things he says, so every time I pull up the yellow screen he rolls his eyes b/c he knows where his words will soon appear...I just love this husband of mine and his quirky self....I don't know why I didn't start documenting the conversations we have, sooner :)

[jeff singing in a vibrato voice]

me: you should be on worship team [joking]
jeff: don't be silly. i don't have a Christian voice, it's too saucy.


jeff: i bought myself a little lunch treat
me: bagel dogs?
jeff: no
me: corn-dogs?
jeff: i'd get down on a corn-dog or two 


[watching tierra on the bachelor, 2 diff episodes]

jeff: she can't control her face! she has a sparkle...
jeff: why do they want her to say good morning so bad?


me: my arm hurts for some reason
jeff: it's your wing again isn't it?
[see v.1]


[watching Ellen]

jeff: who was the band?
me: tegan & sara
jeff: oh i love tegan & sara!
me: you don't even know what they sound like
jeff: i know they sound like girls 


[in regard to this video]

jeff: but seriously...i got the most motion in my tata's


[talking about turbo yawning]

jeff: he's so yawny
me: i was just gonna say that!
jeff: i call him yawny depp sometimes


[trying to get out of chores b/c he has homework] 

jeff: i dont have time to fold laundry!
me: but you have time to play games & go on a walk?
jeff: i had to wind down! now i have enough energy to flow from my brain into my finger tips to create chemical genius in writing

and THAT, my friends, is my life every day :) 


  1. seriously...i laughed out loud through all of these! amazing. yawny depp might have to be the best thing i've heard in a while. thank you for brightening my day <3 oh, and jeff too haha