Monthly Goals | November

Raise your hand if you're a list-lover like myself! Over the years I've discovered that I seem to be far more productive when I make lists for myself. It must have something to do with being able to physically cross items off upon completion and having a tangible representation of all I've accomplished in a day. So I have decided to start posting monthly goals on my blog to stay on track with everything and see the progress made from month to month! I'll start with my business goals and end with my personal goals.

+ Photograph 3 weddings
+ Photograph 1 family
+ Finish editing 2 weddings
+ Design 2 albums
+ Move everything from old external hard drive to new external hard drive
+ Blog 3x weekly
+ Decide on client Christmas gifts

+ Take down Fall decor
+ Put UP Christmas decor!!!!
+ Thanksgiving!!!!
+ Start Christmas shopping
+ Organize hall closet
+ Gym 3x weekly
+ Unplug one day
+ Finish The Night Circus
+ Be more present with friends and family!

Do you have any goals for the month of November?! List-making means we have to be intentional throughout this next month and since my "word" for the whole of 2014 has been intentional, I'm determined to cross these items off one at a time!

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