new and exciting things

When I was younger new and exciting meant 
I either got new clothes or the boy I had a crush on finally knew I existed.
Now, new and exciting is finding recipes like
image via
and the boy I have a crush on coming home to me.
The countdown is on folks
the countdown is
for R&R that is.

In other news,
We moved and everything is settled in at our new abode.
My favorite part of moving is redecorating and reorganzing
I get legitimately happy over these kind of things.

the half with Mr's name is blurred so we can protect his identity
it's important that those in top secret military units remain nameless..
or is it?

I'm loving..
 Happiness & deployment Homestretch


  1. yay he is coming hooommmeeee!

  2. How exciting that he is coming home soon!! Hope your r&r is amazing. XO

  3. I had no idea your name was Nicole! Cool!!

    So happy that your hubby is coming home for R&R! And I keep my husband's name secret too. :) Better safe than sorry.

  4. Ohhhh happy day!! Well happy count down to happy day! ha!

  5. Woohoooo!! I'm so happy for you! How many days?! And where did you move? That smoothie looks just like the one my dad offered me last night. To which I looked at him with a straight face and did not even say a word. No I do not want a green smoothie when I just got my wisdom teeth out!! hehe (:

  6. Yay yay yay yay yay yay!

  7. I'm SO honored! Yes spinach smoothies = best. And so excited for you about the R & R soon !
    Much love x

  8. My count down has begun too! I've been excited for R&R all along, but now that its almost here, I've started to really feel excited. It's actually happening for us yay! :)

  9. Glad you like my green smoothie ~ thanks for linking back! So happy your hubby is coming home soon :)

  10. that is sooo freaking exciting! yay for you, dear!