celly unleashed

It's been a while since I dumped my celly files on you tootsie pops
so today is the day.

Let's get the ball rollin with 
my spectacalies.
I'm told they make me look collegiate.

You know what else makes me look collegiate?
Buying beer
teddy grahams
and chocolate milk.
I can assure you..
it helps with your studies
 take my word for it
I have excellent grades

Do you know what else is collegiate?
And by collegiate I mean, not really collegiate.

get it? 

(I don't want to explain this one to you so just catch on..k?) 

Grandpa couldn't understand the concept
of looking into a phone for a picture.
what the heck?
It's like he's from the 50's..

Did you catch diabetes and clogged arteries 
just from looking at this too?

Hair twins.
There's an art to parting bangs.

I felt too safe driving behind the floating ladder
so I switched lanes.

And just so you're aware..
my dad and brother were ninjas or something 7 years ago.


  1. golly.
    i love the ones of you and gramps:)

  2. hahaha.. so funny



  3. HAHA Awesome. I had a good chuckle from this post.

  4. That picture with your grandpa is so sweet! =) Grandpas are the best! Good celly pics!

  5. I like em! Your grandpa is kinda like mine.. we take some pretty goofy pictures :)