come home safe boys

Last summer Mr was going through AIT out in Virginia
and I moved there for the summer to be with him
since he would be deploying shortly there after. 
Well it just so happened that Mr's battle from basic had AIT
at the same place and he also had a girlfriend.
She lived in NC and wanted to move out to VA for the summer just like me.
It all worked out perfectly and 
we were able to be each others first roomies.
We had agreed to live together, having never met until their
Basic Graduation Day.
She quickly became one of my closest friends.
I'm so thankful to have met her and have found myself a friend for life.

I moved there exactly a year ago, this week.
We have some amazing memories from last summer but it was
definitely a hard one, I'll go more into that another time.

But, my focus is recognizing two of our
friends from last summer that are deploying to Afghanistan 
Mr met one of them in AIT and the other was his battle.
These boys, along with a few others, became amazing friends to Mr and I
we have some great memories because of them.

The hard part about this Army life is you make great friends
but then get separated due to orders and deployments.
But along the way we've met some fantastic, wonderful, lifelong friends.
So I wouldn't trade it for anything.

To the boys: You are both very special friends to Mr. You made our
stay in VA a memorable and fun one.
I miss you both and hope we can all see each other again someday.
Thank you for serving and come home safe!

[mr on the left, friend on the right]


  1. This was a bit hard to follow but I think I understood most of the important stuff. Your hubby has friend being deployed and you wanted to give them a beautiful shoutout on your blog :). I don't know what being an army wife is like but i know that army men are made strong and their wives are made even STRONGER. Thank you for your faithfulness and for supporting one of our soldiers girl.


  2. There really is a different feel with the friends made in the military. This is such a sweet post. I hope they both come home quick and soon, too!

  3. you are so sweet, it damn near made me cry! it def means a lot :D. THANKS!!!!

  4. Aw, this is sweet! Hopefully I can make a great friend like that. I'm from NC and moving to VA at the end of the year with Mr. Charming. So nervous!!