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I won't specify where the thoughts for this post came from, but I'm just throwing my two sense out. It makes my heart ache when people don't treasure a marriage. Marriage was designed and created by our Father in Heaven, representing Christ's love for the church. The distorted view that many people have of this sacred union is really scary to me. It's tossed around like a recreational activity which lends to the polluted view of marriage that many people have today. If only I could talk with a handful of people and catch a glimpse of where these views start and why the treasure of being husband and wife has turned so fowl to some. It might lend to answer the questions I have for them.

edit: This isn't to say I think marriage is easy, or that Mr and I live in a world full of fairy-tales and rainbows. Nor am I blind to the many circumstances where women/men should protect themselves and their children from certain happenings in a marriage, by leaving. This post just stemmed from conversations lately and personal experience. Please know I would never be so naive to think that marriage isn't a two-way road. I also mentioned how I'd love to talk with people that have negative views toward marriage in general to hear their story/understand their reasons. As I stated in the's just my two cents, thrown out in my personal blog ;)

Some inspiration from a daily read, Jesus Calling, Mr and I have been reading together:

Through spending time in My Presence, you gain glimpses of My overflowing vastness. These glimpses are tiny foretastes of what you will experience eternally in heaven.

Let My Love envelop your outreach to other people take time to rest in the Love-Light of My Presence.

Ask My Spirit to quiet your mind so that you can think My thoughts.

Buy it, read it and be blessed like I have. Jesus is so fulfilling and overwhelming in the ways He speaks to me. The temptation to go about my day with out acknowledging my Heavenly Father is easy and never intended. But I'm often reminded to stop and just let God.

So for now, I'll continue back to what I was supposed to be doing. However, I don't suppose He minds when we break from our mundane tasks to reflect on His love and purposes for our life.


  1. I agree that some people don't treat marriage with the respect it deserves. However, I also know (as I'm sure you do) that marriage isn't easy. It takes work. My marriage has surprised me everyday. It's tough and I know that I wasn't put on the planet to judge anyone (not implying that's what you're doing, just adding my two cents). I hope that everyone can have a blessed and committed marriage.

  2. No matter what your own actions, the actions of your spouse can taint or even ruin a marriage- that much I have learned. Marriage is not all in one person's hands, and they can easily devalue it for the other person.

    While you are very fortunate to have a husband who spends time in devotionals with you, many women are not.

  3. I've had a bad marriage, I am divorced. I do not under any circumstances think that marriage is easy or something that should be thrown around lightly. Mr.AB & I have waited, talked and decided that in the end what we have now is more important than rushing into things so we're waiting some more.
    I think you're very insightful and I honestly enjoy people who aren't afraid to put in their two cents :)

  4. I know where you are coming from, and understand. I have seen a friend break up her marriage because she did not know what she wanted.

    Marriage should never be taken lightly, definitely.

    The Cat Hag

  5. One of the most beautiful books I've ever read on marriage was "The seven levels of intimacy" By Mathew Kelly. His perspective is that in marriage our greatest goal is to allow our spouse to help us become the best version of ourselves, while offering that same gift back. I've often wondered how the Lord sees my husband, and all the incredible potential within him as a son of God, and how I can be apart of that growth. I've also wondered how my marriage can encourage me to grow into all the Lord intends for me. I loved your post, and I want to order the book you recommended! So happy to have found your blog :)

  6. PS-Your wedding photo is truly stunning, the way the sun is shining through the trees, and the pure love caught between the two of you in that moment, what a treasure!

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I definitely agree with you. It's been very interesting for me to meet more and more people that don't see marriage as the sacred commitment that it is - and how many people throw divorce around as an option to get out of something that is not meeting their needs and wants (and yet, I also feel there are going to be situations where divorce might need to be an option). And thanks for the book recommendation :)

  8. ahhh that book.
    it's just amazing.
    i love this post.

  9. Amen girl! I was blessed by this post.

  10. I think because a marriage ISN'T easy, that your words are so thoughtful and shouldn't be disregarded as easy, or mundane, or just a piece of paper. it takes work and yes there are times when you can't help what the other does and it simply will not work and it's the best interest for you and your children to be somewhere else. BUT i like the simple, sweet message of this post, to just "let God". i think we do forget sometimes and i think we need to be reminded and that there are so many more important things in our lives and to not let the little things get in the way of nurturing and creating a beautiful, solid marriage.
    Great post! I need to read that book sometime!!

  11. New follower, here! Random thought - I love the bird on your table :-) And I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on marriage. Amen, girl!!

  12. This ia absolutely beautifully said! Thanks for pouring out your heart!

  13. Mr.AB & I bought this book.. we're going to work on reading it together when he comes home..same with the 5 languages of love.