summer crafting

In order to keep my sanity I've been a crafting machine lately.
I have all these creations and nowhere to put them, but I continue to craft because
I enjoy it :)
I came up with this rosette piece after much boredom and rosette making. 

Do you think anyone would buy this sort of thing if I sold it?
Yes/no/maybe so?

Go check out the rest of the photos from this backyard maternity shoot HERE
Happy weekend to you!


  1. That's the CUTEST thing ever!! Before I read you asked if people would buy it I was totally going to tell you to sell those! So cute :D

  2. That is so cute! You are very talented and I think people (including me) would definitely buy it.

  3. Yes! I think people would buy them! It is SO cute!

  4. I think they are super cute and I could definitely see people buying them :)

  5. hmmmm.
    i can see people buying that:) :)

  6. I totally relate to the whole "Craft distraction mode". I actually relate to a lot of stuff you write, I just spent the last hour reading your blog-LOVE your writing style! SO excited to see more! And yes, people would totally buy those awesome flower pictures, gorgeous. Get a store on Etsy, pronto! :)

  7. what a simple and totally creative way to use the rosettes i've been seeing everywhere! totally CUTE!!!

  8. Yes, you should definitely sell them. It's adorable.