choosing joy and lemonade

Sometimes life throws you lemons and you want to forget the whole making lemonade shenanigan and throw them right back to the lemon tree who decided it would be fun to launch hard, bright yellow things at you. Not nice lemon tree, I don't really want your sour lemons.

All that to say, these last two weeks have been a little brutal, and by a little...I mean a lot brutal and really lemon-y. But I've come to a place of acceptance because life could be worse and at the end of it all, the important things in life still exist. Like, succulents still make me happy, my dog still thinks I'm the greatest thing on Earth, I learned a really cool way to propagate succulents here, and Pretty Little Liars has 3 seasons on Netflix. So basically all is right in the world and I'm camping out in the land of  "choosing joy," and maybe drinking a glass of lemonade or two.


Please tell me happy things from your life!


  1. and then you try a kumquat {peel and all} and you realize...lemons aren't too bad c;

  2. Choosing joy and succulents should probably be the title of my memoirs. This post NAILS it.

    Leaner By The Lake