Lake Tahoe

Pretty much every year my family takes a trip to either Lake Tahoe or Santa Cruz. I'm more of a beach person so Santa Cruz is my haven...but we have a pretty amazing family cabin in Tahoe that I can't complain about so I'm just as happy going there. We're going there SOON and I can hardly stand it. Time off from work and life is exactly what the doc ordered. And by doc, I mean me ;)

That's a picture of our private beach that we get to hang out on, there's also a community pool area with ping pong and lots of other outdoor games...I seriously can't wait. To see pics from our vaca here last year check out these posts!


Just for fun, here's some pictures from past family vacations we've enjoyed.

 [Squaw Valley 2012]

 [Mexico 09]

 [Mexico 09]

[Santa Cruz 08]


  1. ummm, the BEST family c: you most definitely deserve some quality time with fam, relaxing by the waves and soaking up the sun c:

  2. yay! enjoy. vacays are the best and those spent with family are a special sort.