Jeff watches the Bachelorette (v.1)

Every Monday night my friend Nicole and I have a girl's night and watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Be it that his friends are busy, or just pure unlucky-ness...every now and again Jeff will get stuck watching it with us.

The comments made during last night's episode of Bachelorette were just TOO good not to document. So I give you the first installment of "Jeff Watches the Bachelorette."

Me: Did you see Arie's tweet last night about the awkward two-on-one?
Nicole: No I can't wait though
Jeff: Arie's on this sea....crap. 
Me and Nicole: What?
Jeff: I know who Arie is, and that sucks.

One of the guys hanging out with Des
me: I like him! He's goofy!
Jeff: why? He's Guido

Group Date
Nicole L: They all have sweatshirts from Target...WHY are they all wearing sweatshirts from Target?

Des said it was her first time in Europe and she was so excited about it
Jeff: First time in Europe? LIAR! She just went there with Sean last season!

When Chris finds out he gets the one-on-one and gets super excited about it
Jeff: He's such a girl!
Me: I think it's cute he's so excited to have a date with Des
Jeff: You don't like menly men do you Des? He won't take care of your family and chop down a tree to make a fire and keep you warm! He'll probably bake you a loaf of bread and butter it and you'll have to make the fire to cook it on yourself!

Bryden watching Des and Chris Dance around
Jeff: Creeper. WHY is he so creepy?

Des takes a picture by a little clown
Jeff: Oh, he's a midget! 

Des walks out in a sparkly dress
Me and Nicole: she looks so gorgeous in that dress! I love the sparkles
Jeff: I hate it. There's way too many sparkles.
Nicole: But don't you think she looks pretty in it?
Jeff: Only if she didn't touch me, I don't want sparkles all over me!
[She gives Chris a hug]
Jeff: Sparkles, all over him.

Jeff: This show is what's wrong with men. 

Des going up the gondola in foggy mountains
Des: It's like we're in a cloud!
Jeff: Well, you ARE in a cloud...

Zak waiting for one-on-one time with Des behind her and James
Jeff: WHY why are they all so creepy. 

Each of the guys is singing with a yodeler
Des: I just love how these guys are so open to trying new things!
Jeff: NO they're forced

Jeff fasts forward through commercials "There's still an HOUR left?" ten minutes later he's asleep on the ground. 

+ Love that silly boy of mine :)  


  1. hahahah, THIS IS AMAZING. the manly men and sparkles comments had me dying!

    1. haha! he's one of a kind, that boy of mine :)

  2. yessssss! hahahahaha Loved every bit of this. ;) Sounds similar to what my husband would say! He's watched older seasons with me, but this season he does homework while I watch (boo).

    And I totally thought the same thing about the fog and the cloud thing! HA ;)

    1. haha! I always love when he watches with me because I can guarantee goofy comments through the whole episode, makes it so entertaining! boo for homework :( good for your hubby though!

  3. i started reading this at work and had to wait til my lunch to read it but i was laughing in my quiet little office. jeff is hilarious. it makes me want to start watching the bachelor just so i can hear his comments!