another year older

Today, I turn twenty-five. 

At the ripe age of two-five... I'm happy. I live in a cute, comfortable apartment with my hubby and our sweet Turby. I'm on the brink of full-time photographer and by brink I mean I'm hopeful. I have fantastic friends in my life, both near and far away from me. I'm an auntie to three of the cutest kids I know. I've seen my extended family more lately and I heart that. I'm obsessed with succulents and all things plants. I became a member of our church this year and feel like I've finally found where I'm supposed to be, I heart you B-Way. Jeff is still in the Army and so happened to have drill this weekend, making it the third year [with the exception of last year] that we've been apart for my birthday, but we are so blessed by a lot that has come from the Army. I work at Starbucks and enjoy my free coffee. I listen to a lot of Rend Collective Experiment,  Hillsong, Mumford & Sons, and Ingrid Michaelson. I'm reading the fourth Harry Potter book and LA Candy, because I'd like to hang on to my youth. I'm fully in love with my Jesus like always. 

Twenty-five looks good to me. 


  1. this makes me so happy! twenty five is wearing beautifully on you so far :)

  2. You are adorable. Happy belated birthday, beautiful girl!

  3. Happy belated! Digging on your succulent plant! Cheers to 25. I'm 26 and can attest that it gets better and better :)

    <3 eileen

    1. why thank you! I'm super fond of succulents these days :) glad to hear it only gets better...feels like it!

  4. well you are my favorite twenty`five year old in the sweetest little apartment i've ever stepped foot in c: