we dont really celebrate valentines day...but flowers are always okay

Valentine's Day. I've had an inner battle with the Hallmark holiday the last couple of years. I love feeling spoiled, and getting flowers, spending time with my love, and the happiness that comes with a little holiday spirit...but, it's really a tad too commercial and....pink for me. Valentine's Day was always super fun as a little one because I got loaded up on candy hearts and paper card Valentine's from my crush-of-the-year. However, now that I'm married and practice love daily, I could do with out the pink overload, and $5 raise on flowers for a week. Never the less, I see it as an excuse to continue our love more, on the same day as everyone else. So we acknowledge the hearts and such..but keep it mellow.

Our day consisted of a nice morning walk, where we found this cool knotty tree and critiqued the houses we do and don't like in our cute neighborhood. After our walk, Jeff went to class and I ventured to a 4-hour shift, making lattes and shaken tea lemonades for the coffee drinkers of America. When I got home from work, my lover was playing video games and had a nicely arranged tulip bouquet with red wine on the counter waiting for me. After the video games were ex-communicated by el wifey, a lovely dinner of zucchini, bread, and chicken cordon bleu was prepared by the hubby.

As we ate our yummy dinner we watched the show Africa, because we're a pretty educational couple, and finished it out with a round of Ridiculousness...just to keep things in perspective.

Once we were fully stuffed with dinner, naturally we needed ice cream. So, we ended our date night with a little Coldstone and the movie Liberal Arts. The world celebrated love yesterday...and though it's commercial, and very pink...our world can use more love so I won't argue with it :)


  1. I think that when you are married, valentine's day should be celebrated everyday. But it's good to have this day since many couples forget to show love daily.

    Sounded like you had a wonderful day, and your husband cooked too. Extra points for him! :)

    Have a nice weeked. x

  2. This is adorable:) YOU are adorable. Sounds like the perfect Valentines day to me!