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My today was good. It was normal with wonderful weather, quality time with a friend, and an evening spent with my Jeffrey.

This morning I spent time with Turbo and the laundry, while listening to my church's series on the book of Revelation. Folded clothes before noon? Pure accomplishment. Solid preaching on the end times whilst sorting underwear from socks? Spiritually enlightening.

The book of Revelation always scared me as a young girl, and up until recently I was nervous to open this mysterious book full of end times prophecy. To say I was scared as a young girl is really an understatement, I was terrified of reading Revelation. Let me give you a slight taste. I went to a private, Christian school from 5th grade to high school and in first period our teachers led a Bible study to start off the day. Each teacher conducted their studies differently, but most read scriptures or some sort of study book. Well, in 7th grade we would read an entire chapter each day, and slowly work our way through books of the Bible. This happened to be the same year as 9/11, so I was already on a sensitive high. Due to the 9/11 prophecy hype my class voted we read through Revelation each morning. I about lost my noodles, guys. The last thing I wanted to do was read through the very book that was going to dictate the end of my life as I knew it. Not to mention my fears of being "Left Behind" even though I knew I was a Christian. So I took matters into my own hands; I plugged my ears every single morning, through all 22 chapters of Revelation. I didn't want to hear it, I didn't want to know.

But guys, I was missing the point. I was missing SO many big things. I'm proud to say that 12 years later, I've come around and I'm thrilled to be studying the book of Revelation. This book is full of God's intense love for His children. All of the wrath you read about? It's for those who seek to harm His children. Our God is fierce for His children, and in the end? He wins, we win. There's a lot of debate that takes place in this book, but I think it's healthy conversation. The debates have allowed me to dig deeper in my faith and draw closer to my Father. I want to know Him so well that I can discern what He would or wouldn't let His children endure. I don't know that God will ever fully reveal Himself, until the day of the Lord, but until then I can climb further into the scriptures and run with the words that He speaks to me. It's cool and it's big and it's comforting. You should read it. It can be confusing so go through it with others, find podcasts, and ask questions. Jeff and I are listening to it alongside a group of friends and we've been able to come together and talk things through. Right now I'm learning about the tribulation and the 4 Horsemen. It's intense friends. Our world has never been in a worse place, so distant from our Father...I never imagined I'd crave the end times, but I do. I'm ready for the Father to take His people home.


  1. Can I just say AMEN to this entire post?! Because, really, I'm pretty sure you climbed into my head and just took every single word out of my mouth. I was TERRIFIED of this book, too, until very recently! And now? I'm just like you. I am SO ready to be in paradise forever. <3 Much love to you, new blog friend!!


  2. Glad you could relate :) It's such an amazing book with so much hope in it, I can hardly stand how amazing our Creator is!

    much love to you too friend <3