life lately & some news (i'm not with child)

chai with good friends // this book at anthropologie is on my "to buy" list // mid-century dresser that Jeff didn't think we needed tear // we went back in time to winter for one day [we've already moved on to Spring in Cali] // good book.. green tea lemonade..and great company at Starbucks // family kisses before daddy goes to work.

I have news! We are moving again.

This will be our 6th move in our first 2.5 years of marriage. I know what you're thinking...we are beyond nuts. You're probably right, but each move has had significance in our individual lives and marriage as a whole. Yes, I'm going that deep with houses we've lived in. We're still pretty young and learning to navigate our way through life as a married couple. It's challenging, scary, fun and most of all it's rewarding. The rewarding part, really? Yea, it's rewarding because Jeff and I are learning how to do life together and make decisions together. Let me tell's an absolute REWARD when a married couple can agree on big things in life. I'm certain that this move will be our last for at least a few is Jeff, reward.

I have mixed emotions over it, but honestly I'm more happy than not. I wrote about some stuff that happened when we first moved to this house here. Since that first weekend we have been questioning a lot of things. Namely, should we have ever moved here? To say we never should have moved here is silly because clearly God had a plan and He's using this as a stepping stone to our next place in life. However, there are an overwhelming amount of reasons why we're moving. The bottom line is that we shouldn't be living here and we feel that it's been confirmed in more ways than one. Though we're excited for the next step in our lives, we do feel strongly the 7 months we've lived in this house were nothing short of God's perfect plan for this time of our lives.  We matured in different areas that never would have been addressed had we not experienced this home. So, we've listened to our hearts and have faith that it's in our best interest to leave our little 1940's home and venture back to apartment life.

Bring on the noisy neighbors and upstairs inconveniences! Just kidding, I'm so excited to be above ground again.


  1. Moving is so stressful!!! We moved five times our first year of marriage and ended back in the place we both grew up. Now, I am ready to move again, but my hubby likes being close to family. Location is obviously not easy to agree on so major victory there! And sorry you had to pass up that dresser. I am crying for you

    1. It is super stressful for sure! Hoping it will go smooth, we have 2 more wks to pack :) Not sure I'll ever get past that dresser desperately deserved to be among my other furniture pieces :)