I'm twenty days in to our church-wide 40 day fast. Our church elders have been intensely praying over revival in our region and seeking ways that we can be ready when revival hits this place. In doing so, we've joined with other churches for the first 40 days in January of 2013 for a period of prayer and fasting.

I joined in a week late, because I had been praying about what and if I should fast. After a few days I felt God telling me that instagram took up too much of my personal time. Though a lot of people probably think that's crazy...it's more than true. Thus, I've been instagram-less ever since.

Any way, I'm really excited to see where God is leading our region and how He's going to use our church [and many others] in the coming years. We're reading through the powerful book of Isaiah, where Isaiah rips apart and warns His people of God's coming judgement [much like every other book in the Bible]. But it's SO powerful, there's a lot of prophecy of the latter days and Christ's second coming which is rad.

The second coming used to terrify me, and it hasn't been until the last year or two that I've been ready and excited to hear that trumpet and see our King take His throne in the new Jerusalem. I'm seriously stoked.

I just wanted to update on this silent journey of fasting because I've found that my days are much more productive and meaningful now that I've subconsciously made a point to replace insta time with prayer time. It's been a wonderful growing experience, and I'd like to fast from other things through out the year because of it. We shall see what will come of that.

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  1. this is inspiring, Nicole. it made me realize how much i want to spend time with God versus how much time i actually do. thank you for sharing your heart in this <3