DIY Anthro Succulent Mug

Succulents are seriously my new favorite thing you guys. You can put them anywhere and they're so easy to manage. I've seen creative succulent pots/mugs/cups all over Pinterest, West Elm, and Anthro lately and thought it would be fun to make my own..instead of buying the expensive kits they create for you. I mean West Elm is charging upwards of EIGHT DOLLARS for just your you WE, but you can find these little guys from Lowes for $2. 

It's almost silly to give you guys a DIY for this because it's SO simple. But it's fun and I want you to make them too, so I'll give you the 411.

What you'll need

cute mugs [I got mine from anthropologie]
succulents [from lowes or home depot]
take clippings from mom/grandma/succulents you already have
stick them in water until they begin to root


Fill cup almost full with soil, separate soil with your fingers and stick in succulent. 
So easy, right? 

These would be cute on top of stacked books on your bookshelf, next to your kitchen sink, clustered on your bedroom dresser...or just about anywhere. I gave these pretties to my friend, {they made the cut for her mantle makeover!..which you can check out by clicking that link} so I'll be making another Anthro trip in the near future to make some for myself!


  1. Very cute! I would love this for my kitchen! (:

  2. I'm definitely going to have to try succulents, as I just killed my love fern. Poor thing. I don't have much of a green thumb so I need something low maintenance! So happy you came across my blog dear, I just love yours!

    1. oh succulents are made for you girl! i kill plants quite easily, but it's nearly impossible kill these :)

      so glad you found your way over here! i love your blog!

  3. those are so darling! looks like that might have to be my next project:)

    1. super fun, and cheap! you definitely should :)

  4. oooh! I love this!! So gonna do it! thanks for sharing!

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