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consignment store dresser in her new home :) | thrifted quilt, you can bet we'll be picnicing soon | thrifted 1950's camera | Mr and little bub | antique store | vegan burger on my birthday | antique store X2 | decorating momma's kitchen | trader joes peonies

Expression by Helen Jane Long on Grooveshark

While I write, this song plays in the background and feeds a part of my soul that aches for piano, strings, and whimsical music. I am inspired after finishing this book, by the always full of life kelle hampton. I may or may not have linked her book in like my last 5 posts, but that's beside the point :) The way she celebrates little things in life daily is certainly the type of life I want to lead. 

Buy a new quilt? That calls for a picnic! Stumble upon a hole in the wall antique store? Stop and take pictures! Freshly cut flowers scattered around your house? Invite the girls over to enjoy them with you while you watch sappy chick flicks and sip on delicious drinks. Bottom line is, small things call for celebration and should be honored makes life colorful. 


  1. that dresser is GORGEOUS! i love it <3 and this post was so wonderful. your life looks so beautiful and full of love. and it seems like you are truly living it to its fullest. this makes me so happy to read.

  2. every single picture is perfection...aww summer will be good c:

  3. Love these pictures. That dresser is awesome!
    I'm a new follower. Excited to read along!